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They must know who it is. Why else would they not show a picture of him?

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I'll bet thier fingure prints are on one of the fenders of atleast one of those cars if not half. Alot of times kids will brace themselves before sticking the tire.I had a friend who's cars tire's got slashed and I pointed out a perfect hand print as the cop was walkin away. He was discusted with me for spotting it. It turned out to be a sex offender who had a beef with his wife for turning him down. Untill the prints where ran we did not know that he was a sex offender. He lived three houses down from them.

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb enjoy the Federal Pen. I am wondering though since he died can they still charge them with assault? I thought Murder covered all of those? Just wondering.

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The worst was week 2 when I had a Pain in the chest for about 7-10 days. I found out it was my Lungs healing. I thought I had lung canser for a bit. The best part is that I don't have a fear of burning down the House when I leave the house. I always had a feelin that I left a Cig. burning in the ash tray.

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I did More checking into this by the Obama Administration; This would have closed down any and all permits for drilling on or around America. It would make it almost Imposible for an American Drilling comp. to start drilling. It would of SHUT DOWN DRILLING not help it.It would have also Raised the Price Of crude Plus the price of Gas in the Long Run. I Still stand by my Statement!!!

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Excuse me but this was Under Demecrats contral and Watch. Oregon Remember is a Demecrat state.

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thats what i'm waiting for also. I know if my kids or even a friends kids got hurt from Gang violence I would hunt them down myself.

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I have stopped smoking Cigs and switched to an E-Cig that I have been able to reduce my Nicotien to low levels. By the end of September I will be down to 0. But am still going to use it. I have combined 3 flavors that is really really good.We order our 0 nic. flavor's on the first of September. No Smoke, No stink and best of all No fire danger=No Second Hand Smoke. Started E-Cigs June 27th 2011 will be off Nicotien by September 27 2011.

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