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Aww, thanks! :)

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They knew that they seemed to care a great deal about 'lesser beings' lives, which is pratically underheard of for higher-dimesional beings in the Buffyverse. The AI crew trusted them because they cared about people they didn't have to, and because they needed to believe that somebody up there was actually in their corner. It was basic human folly, and you can't really blame any of them, Angel especially, for that. Besides, they never trusted them THAT MUCH, they were always questioning them and trying to get them to intercede more in human affairs. They never truly served the Powers That Be, so much as they fought the good fight for their own reasons and accepted help from some benefactors that they hoped was genuine.

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And trying to make your way out of SUNNDAYLE in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, while most of it's human population is gone and the Devil itself is taking over... is that somehow less dangerous for this guy than crouching in his house? If Buffy gave a rat's ass about this man, she'd try to figure out why the hell he's still here and convince him to leave, and then either have him either wait til sunrise or escort him personally to the border to make sure he's safe.

But she doesn't care, and that's the point. She doesn't want him safe, she wants him gone, because she needs a place to stay and she's too tired to go nextdoor where nobody's living. Because she's too tired of caring about people's safety to bother with anything more than a cursory 'get outta town.' I'd be shocked if this idiot guy survives the night, but hey, don't expect the Buffy to waste time wondering about that.

So yes, she does kick him out of his house, and yes, he'll probably die for it.

Sympathy = zero. Forever anti-stanning templar!Buffy.

(And I wanna apologize for my vitriol here, and make sure you know it's not directed at you at all. I just have ~issues~ with this season and have a hard time talking about it without frothing at the mouth. -_-)

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Oh man I just love the part where our brave hero breaks into a defenseless man's home and throws him out of it with nothing but a suggestion to try and make his way out of town all alone in the middle of the night, which is a death sentence on average for Sunnydale but about a million times more dangerous now that Satan has basically taken over the town. And she just steals his home with no thought at all to the man's safety, for essentially no reason other than that she couldn't be bothered to find one of the nine million empty houses in the town because of her ~POOR WOUNDED HEART.~

Ugh. The Chosen One, ladies and gentleman. What a great way to start wrapping up the show.

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In what bizarre alternate universe has Angel not suffered ENOUGH? His entire show up til now has basically been the torture hour. Hell, even when the universe cuts him a break and gives him some happiness, it's only to immediately take it away and use it's loss to twist the knife.

I mean... Doyle? Darla? Holtz? Wes? Conner? THE HARBOR?! Cordelia? Conner/Nodelia? His soul and everything he did to his family after? Jasmine's perfect bliss and an end to his and everyone else's battle?


#defensive fan

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Deleted my post due to my calming down and not being comfortable with that kinda vitriol from myself or on this site. Apologies everyone; I'm FAR too close to this season in a very negative way, and particularly the characterization of 'General Buffy'... I can't talk about it very reasonably, which is why I've stayed away from this season. Suffice to say, I just really, really hate this episode, and this season.


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Agh, I'm so sorry! I was trying to acknowledge the fact that a lot of the anti-S6ers (in the rest of the fandom, not here, as the Mark community is far more civil than I'm used to) can be very harsh to S6 supporters... but I should have noted my inflamotory language, regardless of my intent, and I should have been more aware of the ableist conotations. So I was trying to say that I understand and respect her opinion even though I disagree, and not to worry that I was trying to bait her, but I didn't put to much thought into my post and ended up accidentally baiting my own side instead. Urgh, real smooth, self. m(_ _)m

I am very sorry for my poor wording, especially with the history of flame wars over this season (and especially on this site)... it was extremely thoughtless of me! Thank you for opening this discussion, and thank whoever reported me for, um, pointing out why I need to think before I post on these subjects. (And especially thank you for the article!)

So, I accept the reporting and any other action that, uh, is taken, and once again I'm very sorry. I won't let it happen again!


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I think I told you (or someone saying something similar) this before, but despite my raging fury at this season, it makes me so happy to know that there are people out there who can take the right things away from it. I genuinely love and respect the message this season was going for, and while I don't agree with it's execution, I'm so glad the message itself still got through to so many like you.

This season deserved to be an inspiration, and it's wonderful that it was for you! :)

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No, I got you, I was trying to offer a more respective or cohesive rebuttal than 'S6 SUCKS LOL', because y'know... a lot of the haters are morons. Regardless, I do agree that most of the content of this season was perfectly logical and for the most part inevitable, from where we left them last season. (Although some things, such as Giles leaving at the worst possible time and nobody calling him ever, don't mesh for me.)

Still, I certainly don't want to perpetuate a cycle here; I was mostly trying to explain why some people can feel so very strongly against this season, but I fully grasp why this season also means so very much to so many, and I respect that.

Like I said, stan away! :)

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Time outs for everyone~!!!! *confetti*