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I don't get cable TV, but I listen to Glenn on the radio. The man is on fire.

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We need another Charlton Heston.

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What if it had been her puppy dog, instead of her baby?

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There is a difference between medicine and dope. As a big fan of liberty and personal freedom, I think folks ought to take whatever medicine works. I'm happy that pot helps you, Ray. As for what the Mexicans do, well, its their country to screw up as they please.

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I've heard that there is a certain percentage of any population that will be dope addicts by nature. I tend to believe it. The problem arises when folks who aren't genetically fated to be addicts get suckered into using addictive substances. In the past these cats were victims of drug fads. Now, I sense there are more powerful forces than common fads at work promoting hard drugs.

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From now on, folks caught robbing convenience stores will be urged to give back the money and seek counseling. Pot ain't as bad as its cracked up to be.

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We used to have wild dog packs up in the dry washes near Rialto, CA. They gave me a scare a few times, circling and making lunges to get you to run. The key: don't run; stand your ground. The ones I saw looked like ordinary pets that must have been abandoned. The pack leaders were big and scarred up. Those things in the picture don't look like regular dogs.

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Must come from their Teutonic roots. Finland, another so-called 'free' country, banned Donald Duck comics because Donald wasn't married to Daisy and had 3 nephews living with him. Thats the kind of freedom coming to America: free to do what the government thinks you ought to do.

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But why the connection to "for money"? I'm sure you don't think mistreating animals is OK if not done for money. What the heck does the money have to do with it?

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What is especially wrong with making money off your dog? We all agree that mistreating animals is wrong, whether for money or just for the perverse fun of it. Folks steer clear of perverts, but apparently flock to dog fights.

Many decent people use dogs for work: hunting, breeding, sniffing bombs, even for meat in some parts. Most of these folks have a profit motive. Same as dog fight gamblers, promoters, and breeders. If we don't like dog fights, we don' have to go see them.

I'm for liberty on this one. If a man can feed his family by participating in dog fighting, and his neighbors either go along or let him get away with it , so be it.