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it would help of more of the questions were designed to gain knowledge rather than provoke a trip up

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If you want people with a 100% record of backing the right horses and always backing the right ideas I suspect the pool of people to choose from inside and outside parliament is rather small!

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Burnham has managed to use his mayor position to keep his leadership aspirations alive whilst at the time being able to distance himself from Corbyn without appearing un loyal to the then leader of his party. Such posturing is all part of this game

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Living in Germany I can tell you one difference is a lot of emphasis is placed on a good recovery. As there are competing healtcare insurers and medical companies the ones that offer a better service are more likely to get custom. Moire beds will be part of offering a better service. This is paid for by the insurance premiums the Germans pay

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Do you think EU has therefore secured, by these various threats, that they will be prioritised over UK for delivery by AZ if that means breaking AZ contract with UK? If so do you (that's you) believe any destabilization in NI is a price worth paying for that?

Do you also believe that the "The contract with the UK was signed first and the UK, of course, said ‘you supply us first: pharse is 100% compatible with AZ not ever shipping UK produced vaccines outside UK? Even if UK manufacture is in excess of contracted volumes with UK government?

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So ROI and NI borders were used purely politically by EU, allthough withut ROI knowledge (or maybe the ROI politicians did know) and any consequences are just acceptable price worth paying?
Was there any point when UK clearly said UK produced vaccines would not be shipped abroad, including, as I understand, the components made in UK that are key to the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine?

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Was he?
I would like to think you are right, UK should take quiet advanatge of the situation to sit down with ROI and get a pragmatic solution

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"Labour are proposing to the - experts - the epidemiologists, that they should interfere with their own hard data and their mathematical modelling"

Labour are proposing what gains them favour with their union paymasters and they hope will gain them votes and influence (i.e. no teaching unntil vaccinated) irrespective of independent JCVI advice.

I think JCVI have been asked to prioritise based on reduction of deaths then hostpitalisations. Of course if they were to be instructed to prioritise based on getting economy fully functioning then the order they recommended may well have been very different. So labour should in that case be explicit they wish to re-set the prioritisation with resulting consequences

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so you think UK is going too fast?

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If, by any chance, the EU were to quickly back down on this position would that mean they really don't hold all the cards?