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mikejlindell.com. Last 25 minutes fascinating. Data showing hack of Dominion voting machines with Smartmatic software of the type Khan wants for London for obvious reasons. More ways to cheat.

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3 died in the street of natural causes. There were a lot of elderly folk at the rally. One lady was shot by a policeman in the building, which is being investigated. A fifth man, a policeman died, but the statement that he was bludgeoned by a fire extinguisher, widely circulated by the MSM, proved to be untrue.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding that policeman's death. he texted hi brother that evening to say that he had experienced a pepper spray irritation, but he didn't die until the following day. His family were informed not by the Police but by the media. Even the Chief of Police didn't know he was dead, as was seen in a press briefing. No autopsy report has been released and the policeman has now been cremated.

There is more noise than light about that so-called riot.

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People, especially on this side of the pond, don't like Trump because he is boastful and arrogant, yet I don't hear too much about their view of his policies.

As already mentioned, in foreign policy he brokered a peace deal between Israel and its Arab neighbours, which no President has achieved in 70 years of trying. The key was to recognise that there will never be a two state solution. I repeat 'never'.

He also stood up to China when the UK and the EU were opening the door to Huawei. He has supported Taiwan against China and provided assurance to other surrounding nations.

He tried to staunch the flow of illegals from South America, which was very popular in the US, particularly in the southern states.

He got more blacks and minorities into work than Obama before him by giving businesses a tax incentive to reshore. As a consequence more blacks voted for Trump than for any Republican since 1964. Hispanics voted for him in big numbers because they did not want their jobs undercut by illegals.

He is to be replaced by a man who used his office as Vice President to gain contracts with China, Russia and the Ukraine for his son, Hunter,, which the pro Democrat FBI are very slow to investigate, even though they have Hunter Biden's incriminating laptop. Given that Biden is unlikely to last even one term, the real option is Trump or Harris, who makes Corbyn appear moderate.

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If you want to make a martyr of Trump and solidify division, invoke the 25th amendment or better still impeach him. Without divine intervention Trump will be gone in 7 days. Let sleeping dogs lie.

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Because they never sought evidence. They used procedure to block investigations so that evidence was never presented.

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Selling council houses was a 'populist' measure, with which Mr Carmichael no doubt agreed, although the establishment were united in decrying the policy.

As for concerns about Scotland's place in the Union, if he reads the newspapers he will know that the Shetland Council voted 18 to 2 against joining Scotland, should the mainland vote for independence. The Shetlanders have been in discussion with Jersey about becoming a Crown dependency should Scotland decide to go. I doubt that the Scots would vote for independence if they knew that independence didn't include Shetlands oil, gas and fish.

Coincdentally I have been watching the EU referendum, the 2017 election and the 2019 election on YouTube, purely to revisit the comments made by the commentariat at the time. To say that their forecasting skills were inept is an understatement. Mr Carmichael is clearly in the club of the inept. (What else does one do in lockdown?)

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My biggest concern about immigration is that we need to build infrastructure to accommodate the increase in the population. If we don't call a halt now, when will we call a halt? Will it be when they are building a new town next to Charles' home in Gloucester?

Here in Cheshire, two estates are being built on erstwhile farm fields that get sodden when it rains. When the estates are finished the water from the rain will no longer soak into the ground. Draining off gradually, it will run into the river system resulting in increased water flows in a shorter time scale and then, surprise surprise there will be flooding.

Migration Watch calculated that over the past 20 years an area the size of Dorset had been concreted over. That is simply unsustainable. If this government is remotely concerned about the environment it needs to start addressing the problem on their doorstep..

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We should be training our own nurses. There are plenty of applicants for nursing courses.