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If there's one thing Christians do best, Neal, is hypocrisy. I have a fridge magnet which shows a family at prayer in church. The wording is "Christians aren't perfect. They just want you to be!" So long as sanctimonious believers bang on about how superior to everyone else they are we will continue to publish items which demonstate that religion and morality are not only NOT linked, but are generally poles apart.

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Actually Brian, it was Crumb who said ‘This is important, fundamental myth’ and Blaines agreed. This might not have been clear when I originally posted the piece, but it is clear now.

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We had an infestation of Jesus Army weirdos here a few weeks back, and I caught one handing out tracts outside the shop where I work. "Shoo!" I said to the woman "This is a respectable sex shop and we don't want people handing out filthy Christian propaganda to our customers!" She took off like a seagull with its tail feathers on fire!

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Damn right it is! The correct height has now been inserted.

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Francis, you are a gibbering idiot. Please go elsewhere to post your insane comments!

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Glad to hear that BJ. I have today set up my moblile internet connection which means I don't have to go trolling for wi-fi cafes (or weeeee-feeees as the Spanish call it. So now I can update the blog in the comfort of my base. Unfortunately, my base has sprung a leak - two days of torrential rain has started finding its way through the roof. No spiders, so far, tho .... or popes.

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The really galling thing about this terrible story is that this woman has, according to the Guardian report, now embraced the Catholic Church. WTF!

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There is n mention in this report of an atheist satanist. Leo Igwe is an atheist who is battling a mad Christian Helen Ukpabio who is accusing children of devil possession.

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Jesus 'king Crst ... wot hve I st☆ted now? And @ Barrie I's far 2 old to b sxy! But thanx anyway.

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Or three!