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Quite. Always wondered how they found me or what they were even trying to achieve. Ah well, no point worry about them now, eh?

Onwards to disqus, and all that :D

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I figured as much. Hopefully this new system won't have them, or at least have a better way of dealing with them.

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Honestly don't know. Seems like they're a bunch of follow-spamming accounts meant to advertise small businesses or something. They seem harmless enough, but ehhh. Regardless, they'll be gone now.

Be seeing you, HappyOrwell!

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Well now, it seems I've come back from my no-outside-contact gaming vacation at a good time. I haven't caught up to everything yet, but I gather that we're switching to a new comment system. Disqus, is it? Very well, time to make another account!

Fare thee well, IntenseDebate. I wish I could say I'll miss you, but I'm actually kinda glad to be rid of all these strange non-pony followers. Sorry.

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2016 cometh, and we've got muffins to celebrate! Dis gonna be a good year. Can't stick around tonight, family time.

Happy New Year everypony! I GO!

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I'm a couple of days late to this, but I'd just like to chime in a bit. Firstly, I check out every single post on the site. Of course, I don't always have the time to go through posts, so I tend to work up a backlog (leading to me seeing things later than usual like this). This has lead to me having a pretty good idea of the time it takes to go through each different kind of post, and I have noticed that the posts that don't take too long to go through tend to be more popular (based on the comments, and the likelihood of me clicking it as soon as I see it rather than delegating it to the backlog).

Another thing that affects my personal behavior is whether or not the post includes a video. For a multitude of reasons, including mobile and work-related restrictions, I can really only go through video posts when I am at home. Like I said, I always go through every post, but others might just pass over older posts that they didn't have the time to go through at first.

Music posts are the worst offenders of the above. They take up so much time, and just aren't as engaging to most folks as something with a storyline or at least visual effects. While I think that the quality of the music and/or the relative popularity of the artist definitely does have an effect on the popularity of the subsequent post, I think the biggest issue really is the time investment. For example, even though I love the music this fandom produces (it's all I've listened to ever since I discovered it, and my library is constantly expanding), I almost never just listen to a music post. I try to pick them out early and leave them playing while I go through other posts, or do something else.

That in mind, I have only two suggestions to make folks start listening to the music again. First, I think it would help greatly if the Music of the Day posts simply featured less songs and/or had a small description per song, so folks could at least read about the music before or as they listen to it. My second suggestion is a bit more radical, I think combining the music posts with other posts could produce some interesting results. For example, perhaps a song could be paired with the drawfriend, so that one could look through the art while listening to the music. Of course, that could bring up a few problems because there would then be a video in the post, even if it was just an optional click (see above).

Well, I hope this helps in some way. I'd like this site to thrive as much as possible because it's both my homepage and my favorite place on the internet :D

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You make some solid points, but I respectfully disagree. Now I don't really want to get into an argument over this (it's all debatable anyway and anyone is free to believe what they wish), but for the sake of clarity, I will state my case. Specifically on the point of Rey being far too powerful to be believable. I could write an essay on this, but I'll stick to what I think are the most relevant points.

1. Rey grew up on a desert planet and lived her life fending for herself by herself as a scavenger with no contact with the rest of the galaxy. And yet she is capable of fluently speaking every single alien language (including droid) spoken by any alien in the movie. No other character in the Star Wars movies has ever displayed this level of proficiency (it's the whole reason why we needed translators like C3PO).

2. Rey is understandably proficient in self-defense with her staff, however the movie shows us that she has no knowledge of other weapons (she didn't even know how to use the blaster Han gave her besides "pull the trigger"). And yet she is later shown to be remarkably accurate and deadly with that same blaster - out shooting trained soldiers in the process - and even later picks up a lightsaber and, with no prior training, defeats Kylo Ren who himself was trained by both Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke and was proficient enough to single-handedly wipe out Luke's new Jedi Order. Again, no other character has ever shown this natural proficiency with blades. Not even Anakin (the chosen one of the Force) or Luke. Everyone has needed training to be proficient at lightsaber dueling, but apparently not Rey. Saying Kylo Ren was injured at the time is a weak argument because of the fact that injuries do not inhibit one's force powers (multiple examples confirm this - in fact, the movie itself presumably uses force speed and enhancement to ensure that Kylo Ren reaches the forest before Rey and Finn do), and it is not unheard of for a Jedi/Sith to duel while injured and still perform well.

3. Rey has absolutely no knowledge of the Force. In fact, until Han Solo confirmed it, she didn't even think it was real. And yet she is able to (without even having another force user demonstrate it to her) master the subtle mind trick (a fairly advanced technique, by the way), overpower Kylo Ren on multiple occasions, and even perform what I can only assume (from her closing her eyes to focus on the Force moment) to be some form of Battle Meditation (a rare and incredibly high-level technique) in order to improve her own abilities in the final duel against Ren. Yet again, not even Anakin Skywalker (the chosen one of the Force with ridiculous powers) was able to do anything close to this without training. Even Luke could not draw on his significant Force powers to help him against Vader in Cloud City and at that point he had training. But Rey? Rey can do it all naturally.

I could go on, but this is longer than I wanted it to be already. Suffice it to say that the abilities Rey shows us in the movie far surpass even Anakin Skywalker - the absolute pinnacle of Force wielders - at the same level of training (none).

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I personally feel that the movie was good in the same sense that the old 80s action movies were good. As long as you focus on the explosions and don't think too hard about what's going on, it'll turn out okay. But of course, this is Star Wars, a classic franchise, and some of us expected more, so I am in full agreement with you.

A lot of the new characters are really weak. I don't mean power-wise (Rey is so unbelievably god-mode overpowered that I'm surprised so many folks are just giving her a free pass), but rather character-wise. Their development is almost non-existent, and the few scenes they do get are pretty forced, and just seem poorly thought-out. Like the writers just said, "Let's get this out of the way, so we can get back to the kaboom". Even the normally impressive dark side characters were painfully underwhelming this time around. None of the characters seem very memorable outside of the fact that they are now played by the token minority.

And by Luna, were there a lot of inconsistencies. I know a lot of it can be explained by "oh new canon, so everything you know is now wrong", but I'm still bugged by it. -_-

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So it wasn't just me, then? Well that's unexpected, but also relieving. And you've hit one of the major problems with their world-building: the political situation in the galaxy. I can be a pretty nitpicky guy sometimes, but I don't think this particular one is a nitpick.

The only thing they told us in the movie was that the three main factions in the galaxy are The New Republic, The Resistance, and The First Order. That's it. No further explanation. Who is the dominant force in the galaxy at the time? How did we end up with both a new republic government and a splinter rebel force? What exactly is The Resistance resisting? Nopony knows.

Like you said, I certainly hope they do put more effort into this. Even if I suspect more effort equates to more spin-offs that they can cash in on outside of the main movie trilogy. I thought they were trying to avoid "required" watching/reading outside of the movies when they threw out the extended universe, but I guess they just wanted to make their own. *shrug*

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Seeing as other older fandoms are still having get-togethers and conventions, I think the odds are pretty good. I definitely want to make it to one of the bigger conventions in the U.S. myself one day.

So I'm definitely with you hoping that the bronies shall last forever!