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I'm sure that Jack, being a plumber, is alright. If he lives around London, he'll probably be making £50,000 a year, while Jill fetches pails of water for the house plants: her comfortable life is because of who she married by your account, and doubtless her husband is good enough at his job to justify his 6 figure bonus. He will look down on his school peers who went to university and ended up making £35,000 as a graduate nurse or £25,000 as a Council penpusher in the planning department. Of course, Jack might feel envious of the tube driver making £100,000 a year just for pressing buttons to open and close the doors on his trains and having undergone safety training that is far less complex than his knowledge of how to cope with water hammer, blocked P-traps and steam venting from boilers. He might even resent the asylum seeker family, living at taxpayer expense in a £2m+ BTL in Kensington where the annual rent would be £100,000. Why worry about Jill's degree that cost perhaps £15,000 in tuition? It's her husband after all who pays for her and the children, and half his income goes in taxes, that repay the state handsomely for the benefit he enjoys of having a well educated wife with whom to converse when he comes home, and to see that the children are encouraged to broaden their interests away from Pokémon and Frozen. Besides, she dresses nicely, and makes an excellent customer who pays a good tip.

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Of course some of us paid income taxes of over 50% on not particularly high tranches of income. In real terms, the contribution was quite swingeing.

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In the bleak midwinter, frosty whines remoan
EU stood hard as iron, Hammond hates Pete Bone
Snow had spoken, "'s no go!" go on Snow
In the bleak midwinter with not long to go

Selmayr - Juncker cannot hold him - or EU sustain
Members of the Euro flee away when he comes to reign
In the bleak midwinter a sterling bond sufficed
Lords and Commons lost their way, trying to stay spliced.

Enough for him who MEPs worship night and day,
"Buy our milk and pay and pay and pay!"
Enough for him whom Angela goes down before
The Tusk, Macron and Sanchez which adore

Angela, Remainers, may have gathered there
But gilets jaunes and yellow vests thronged the air
At the Arc de Triomphe something was amiss
All he got instead was a Glasgow kiss.

What can I give him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
If I were a Wise Man, I would think and feel
What I should be giving him is "NO DEAL!"

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There is no way for Corbyn to form a government that would command a vote of confidence. It would simply result in a fortnight's delay before a general election had to be called.

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The consequence has been that there are very few places for Scots and other EU students. Of course, that is probably as it should be - except that it is the England domiciled students who are being required to subsidise the others.

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Entirely correct. We need to improve the productivity of spending on education, and cutting spending on pointless "degree" education for those who are unlikely to benefit from it, dumbing down degrees and reducing the value of a degree as an indicator of ability is essential at the tertiary level. Then, instead of wasting three years, the educational resource could be re-purposed towards much shorter vocational training that might add some value not only to the over half of university students who now end up as a burden on taxpayers when their loans are written off, but also to those who get no such offer because they did not make it to university in the first place.

Of course, we also need to continue to pursue improvement in the productivity of education in schools. Dumbed down curricula leave school leavers having to look for university education to learn things that previously were taught in school. Restoring educational standards in schools would also improve the standards of degrees, which would be based on a greater knowledge base for new undergraduates. It would also allow those for whom the academic route is less suited to go back to starting apprenticeships at 16, giving them a purpose in life and enhancing their lifetime earnings.

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Read Article 128 of the EEA Agreement. The EU and all the other parties can make whatever demands they want if we tried to apply as an EFTA member.

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Much of Norway's trade surplus is their sales of oil and gas to the UK, much of it via dedicated pipelines. It is in both our interests that we achieve a trade deal which can be independently agreed as with our deal with Switzerland. There is no need to belong to EFTA to achieve this, as the Swiss deal demonstrates.

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I suggest that Mr Boles reads Article 128 of the EEA Agreement that makes plain that becoming a member of EFTA only entitles us to apply to join the EFTA States in the EEA, and then subject to terms and conditions that are set by all Contracting Parties, and require their unanimous approval and formal ratification. Since the EU is itself a Contracting Party it is in position to insist on whatever conditions it wants -which are therefore likely to look like the WA plus ceding NI to Eire, Gibraltar to Spain, etc. Leave aside that such negotiations and ratification would take at least a year, even if we capitulate.

Rather, Boles should be seeking to use our position as a Contracting Party under the EEA Agreement who will be neither an EU member or an EFTA State, and where the agreement does not apply to the territory of the UK, since we have not resigned our status in accordance with Article 127. Provisions from which we are excluded include free movement and paying into the financial mechanism, while we get to benefit from tariff and quota free trade.

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I didn;t get very far in before I encountered his first misunderstanding:

For every other Member State, without exception, free movement is not at all the same business as external migration. And THEIR crisis is about external migration.

Try telling that e.g. to the Baltic states, denuded of much of their most productive people who have gone to work elsewhere in the EU. He also ignores that we equally have a crisis about external migration, some of it imposed by Merkel.