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Timely updating eases suspicion and obviates the need for too many questions

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It is possible that there are cases where our troops are deployed on Active Service without Parliament being notified but I cannot think of any. In this case, looking at the task for our troops suggests that Special Forces might be involved; they are specialists at long range reconnaissance. Even so as they are deployed in support of a UN mission it seems unlikely that their work will be so secret in nature that their presence in Mali should be kept from Parliament. I wonder if this aura of confidentiality is merely an administrative oversight and that we shall hear the Secretary of State for Defence apologising to the House for this omission.

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While I hope you are right about the Biden view of Nato, I believe he should be told to mind his own business over Breit, which is nothing to do with him

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I suspect that to start with anyway we shall see Biden treading the Obama path until he discovers that these policies will be very unpopular among allies and at home. The view that Biden has already expressed about Brexit shows that he is unlikely to hesitate before declaring his hand; that of Irish special interest. The road from Dublin to Washington will suddenly become shorter. We have spent many years watching American interventions in other countries. It is more than likely we are about to be on the receiving end here. Will he make overtures to the EU who find the US so hateful. France in particular will see Macron at his coolest towards the US and any attempts made by them to influence events in France.
We might just discover that the uncertainties of the Trump years are not as uncomfortable as the certainties of the next US administration.

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Are you sure?

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It seems that he has the Provost on his side so I expect he feels fireproof. Even so to allow such a stand-off at all says little in favour of either of the parties involved

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The idle media who like a good story delivered on a plate; and it is there the embarrassment is magnified

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An unnecessary self-inflicted wound. One has to wonder to start with whether Knowland has any form in ruffling the feathers of the management. Is he inclined to `try it on` to see what he can do to provoke a reaction?
The headmaster is likely to be well aware of the way in which Eton College and Etonians are looked upon by the world in general and the last thing he would have wanted, if looking for a quiet life, would be for one of the staff to stir the pot quite so publicly. Having done so and asked Knowland several times to take down his article, and been refused, his authority would have been severely undermined had he done nothing.
So now it is fodder for public discussion, battle lines have been drawn on the subject of free speech, the boys are doing their utmost to stir the pot and the headmaster is on a hiding to nothing whichever way he jumps.
We might now look to Knowland to act like a grown up and come to some amicable agreement with the College about a way forward that will draw the sting from this wholly unnecessary occurrence

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I believe the effect would in fact be the opposite. With an election of a proportion of seats each year, long-term planning would be avoided

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It sounds as if you are volunteering to drive the tumbril. Step forward Mme DeFarge