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Thanks for the kind response. I know I was really angry last night.

If it was just to raise awareness, it wouldn't bother me. But if he's going to give us a list of 56 to rally behind, the arbitrariness is dangerous. What if you had a disease and I told you that the greatest doctor who ever lived had 7 letters in his first name. So, I'm going to give you 7 treatments for that disease. Does that mean that I need 7, or that 7 is enough? No, it means your doctor is a nutcase.

And don't think that the progressives won't pick up on that little bit of nuttiness. It makes us sound like a bunch of highschool girls at a slumber party, not serious people who are rightly demanding answers.

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I'm sick of the slick Madison Avenue slogans and cutesy numbers. I want REALITY!!! Stooping to that kind of sloganism is Marxist crap. We're supposed to be the ones focused on reality and truth. We're in soundbite hell and it looks like our guide just signed up for the hot coal special. There, can people get it now that I've put it into a cutesy little slogan? Does it seem more real, or is it just ridiculous!!???

The truth is that they are not salvageable and no amount of slogans or neato numerology is going to change that. An arbitrary number that sounds cool is insulting, unless you're in kindergarten......

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You could be right, but it's time for us to stop being afraid of the name calling. And time for us to stop apologizing every time they tell us to. So many on both sides have called Joe Wilson names because he was "rude". Let rudeness prevail!!! He was RIGHT and right need never apologize. And despite the "Civilest of Wars", wars are never won on friendly terms. If we are right, they will hate us for it, no matter how nice we phrase it. Glenn needs to just say what he means. Unless this silly 56 thing is what he really means......

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And stay out! Thanks, Siggy. I just can't stop trying to figure out why Glenn would do a 180 on this like that. It just doesn't make sense....

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So true. Unfortunately there seem to be a lot of souls on the open market right now. Even though they should know better....

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Oh, sorry Trish, didn't see you up there. Okay, so 2 sane people, thanks!!!

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Thank you!!! I was beginning to feel like the whole world had lost its collective mind. As long as there is at least one other sane human being on the planet, maybe I can actually get to sleep tonight.

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Hi Barbarian! So glad you're here. I posted earlier hoping you would see it. I'm, well, angry. Really, really angry. Do you buy this magic number 56 garbage? Are we really supposed to forgive and forget if a politician is willing to out another politician's corruption? Are we really supposed to send these bums back like Glenn said? I won't do it. I just won't. I don't believe in numerology or the Easter Bunny (sorry kids) and I RESENT Glenn saying that I would have to think I'm smarter than the founding fathers if I don't agree with this nonsense. I agree with the founding fathers. I just disagree with GLENN on this one. Angry, really, really, angry.....

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Hey, Barbarian, are you out there tonight? I'm guessing you may be the only one who will understand my anger tonight. Glenn really tweaked my rage button with the magic number 56. I'm not going for it, I don't care how much he uses the founding fathers as a shield. I won't send those bums back to do it all again. I just won't!!!!!! He may think that there will magically be 56 worthy just because there were 56 hundreds of years ago, but I don't. I don't believe in voodoo either, or horoscopes, or wishing on a star, add your own here....

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I'm going to say something very unpopular here, but truth is truth, so here goes. The military will do as they are ordered. There will be a few who stand their ground on constitutional principles, but they'll see the inside of a jail cell. They won't be much help to us. While the military swears an oath to the Constitution, the President is their Commander in Chief. They know who ultimately decides their promotions and duty assignments (as well as court martial).

And before you roast me alive, I've always had tremendous respect for the military. More than you could ever know. But, as I've seen some others point out on here, the higher ranks of the military are basically politicians. They're playing political games to get ahead and have usually had tremendous UN influence by the time they get that high. And expecting a 19 year old to decide who is constitutional correct is bit unrealistic.