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I believe she was living somewhere in Mexico.

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Oh! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

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She looks really cute! I think this model shows promise!

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You're going to find pedophiles absolutely everywhere, though. No matter what you like, some really disagreeable people will invariably also be into what you like.

It's less a fandom problem than it is a humanity problem.

I also suspect that people making the pedophile accusations are ones that assume that "cartoons for girls" are automatically super lame and cannot be good nor entertaining, so that must not be the reason anyone watches. So, some people assume adults watch it for more devious reasons.

Racy art or not, I suspect these people would rail against the fandom with the same allegations regardless. How does one fight someone else's confirmation bias?

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I was just listening to this! I absolutely love this version. :D

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It will probably be a movie for kids that parents can watch and enjoy, too, just like the show's aim has always been. It just so happens that "watchable by parents" translates pretty smoothly into being watchable by other adults, too.

Pixar does well in aiming at this demographic.

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I've been wondering this very same thing.

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This is fantastic advice! This will help me a lot. I think one of my mistakes is trying to work full scale first without thumbnailing the backgrounds. This is really helpful!

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Man, that's like asking for a C&D...