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The joke almost writes itself: Call it "The Saddle Hackers." It can be an homage to The Side Hackers.

Get it? Bad movie... and hacking is an equestrian discipline...

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Not entirely, no...

Manga never was my bag of fermented soybean curds.

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What in the actual f**k did I just read

That's three minutes I'll never get back.

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What, no one else has commented yet? Ah, there's one popping up earlier.

I've seen the art from this, but great to see a translation now! I'll get down to reading some of it today.

And by that,I mean ALL of it.

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Featherprop, it's clear you don't know what you wrote.

Really. That's fascinating. I mean, I typed the sentence. I constructed it. I thought about several simple instances were growth was considered detrimental and listed them. I prefaced it with "Not all growth is good," not "We must destroy what we disapprove of."

And yet, you are telling me what I really was thinking was, "Let's eliminate anything to do with Equestria Girls."

If you had just said, "I didn't mean I want it destroyed or shut down," instead of, "OMG, how dare you tell me I'm advocating mass killings?!"

I... never mentioned mass killings. I used a silly construction, "Hitlerian word-jihad" to mean "book burning," which you had already leapt to. No, no mass killings for me. You're the one who's been focused on the burning of books and now, it seems, genocide.

Frankly, I didn't think I NEEDED to say I didn't want it destroyed, not after I said I had a lot of respect for how hard the creators worked on it. I thought it was apparent I wasn't advocating destruction of their work when I said I respected their efforts. I'm sorry you didn't see it that way, but it's not because I surrounded it with exhortations to scale the walls at DHX and drag all the servers into the parking lot in preparation for burning.


I'm quite self-aware. I also don't like letting things go, but I'm not the one who's gone wholesale nutjob here telling someone else that they are advocating destroying an entire body of work.

Like I said before, whatever, dude. This has been an illuminating exchange, I'll say that much.

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For fuck's sake, no, I didn't discuss a garden or destroying writing. I talked about situations where some kinds of growth are not desired. End of discussion.

The rest of it is what you're projecting into what I've written. Do I wish they'd never gotten the idea for it? Yes. That's a far cry from "I want this eradicated."

God, you just can't let this go, can you? You keep on trying to tell me what I'm thinking and what I meant with the words I wrote. I'm sorry, but that just isn't how it works.

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I think you're really reaching with the Demolished Man bit, if you're talking about the removal of SS's megalomania.

It's nearly identical to the end of the series pilot... much like the rest of the movie closely follows the path of the pilot episodes. Angry villain, making friends, Sailor Moon scene, rainbow blast, evil stripped away. There's no need to go looking further than that- I mean, they're not marketing to middle-aged fans of Cold War science fiction, are they?

What makes more sense-- that they intended to create a parallel to FiM or to a book that's going to be virtually unknown to the target audience?

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You "wouldn't recommend t." Gotcha. What will you do- reveal my inner Guy Montag to me and cause me to break down in anguish at the monster I have become? I have to say , this is one of the strangest exchanges I've had on EqD, where someone equates a simple phrase with fascist tendencies.

And what is with your obsession with the book burning/"literary purge?" Why not just ASK what I meant, in which case I could explain (since you seem to ignore the "prune trees" portion of my comment) that NOT ALL GROWTH IS CONSIDERED GOOD. Period, end stop. When you have to look professional for work, beard stubble is bad, so we shave. When we get a cut, bacterial growth and infection is bad, so we treat it with peroxide.

Or is that a bad thing to do? For just a moment stop and consider, just for a moment, that maybe I DON'T want to burn down entire libraries, because you sound kind of crazy.

For the record, I mean that I do not see EqG as a good sort of growth for the franchise. I think it gets away from the ideals and spirit of the original show. That's it, man. That's all I meant. You could have asked, instead of going fruitcake.

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"Plucking weeds" means burning books. Right.

I didn't go Godwin, you did.

You may not want to acknowledge it, but that's your call.

Whatever, dude.

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The reason the second movie exists is simple: Someone at Hasbro decided it would sell more toys, which is the same reason FiM is still being made. I'm not a fan of EqG, but we need to keep some perspective on this-- the first movie obviously created enough interest and there was enough demand for the toys to put money into a second (and whatever else comes along). Hasbro is a business, and their business is selling plastic toys to kids and to their parents.

As much as we might not like elements of these movies, it's not bronies that caused them to be made; it was the fact that Hasbro saw a marketing opportunity and chose to ask DHX to produce something to drive sales. How closely Hasbro held the reins, we don't know. What they asked for exactly, we don't know. What we do know is that they see a net benefit from making these movies.

If anything, they should remind us that we were lucky to get such a great show in FiM, and that we should be very supportive of the people who pushed it forward, the ones who created the content, and the ones who made the decision to give them greater control over the content than many other toy-line cartoons have gotten.

I'm not going to go see this movie. If there are more of them, or even a series, I'm not going to watch them either. It doesn't appeal to me. But at the same time, I don't want to see DHX or Hasbro get slagged for making decisions that are financially prudent. They all have jobs to do, and you shouldn't knock people for doing their jobs well.