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"The Church uses 'cool' more than 'cool' uses the Church."

Great line. Good insights here, I was struck particularly by his comments on the divorce between visual identity and intellectual beliefs. I wonder if much of this infatuation with "cool" is simply stemming from a form of consumerism, both commercially and intellectually. I'm not too sure but didn't the concept of cool evolve out of the jazz culture of the late 50s and begin as a way of visually aligning yourself with ideas outside of the norm? Today those visual cues are all that have survived after years of advertising and marketing distilled them to their base (visual, and therefore purchasable) elements.

Much of the conversation between you two as I see it seems to point to Christianity's need to stop being simplistic consumers of fad and marketing and become creators of authentic and timeless truths.

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It is quite a three pipe problem... You see, it is simple elementary that there is no Holmes without a Watson and so to chose one without the other is to put the ox of Holmes before the preverbal cart of Watson. One is gifted with the simple gift of seeing everything while the other relies entirely on bold inference to navigate the trifles of this world.

That said, Watson is our man in a pinch.

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Agreed, terrible film, especially on the Cohen Bros scale but Brad Pitt's best role since 'Snatch.'

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I miss this kind of thinking, even the echoes of Walt are better than the company's feature productions these days (I'm looking at you Pirates of the Crappibean 3)

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Adorable. Congrats Ames gang and welcome to the planet Elliot!

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This year's Thanksgiving was equal parts celebration, reconciliation and love. Thank God for second chances!

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Haha! That American Life bumper is AMAZING!

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"A true man is not a man at all." Well said Cole.

For a culture who loves to (has to?) put people in boxes, I find this thought thoroughly refreshing.

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I've always thought it to be interesting when we take a such a hard line on things, spiritual or scientific, to the extent of making them mutually exclusive to one another. I know that isn't the spirit of your post Cole but it's always interesting how we apply our biblical perspectives on science and vice versa.
Recently we had a discussion toying with the notion that humans were evolved from apes, the end result? It doesn't matter. When we became filled with the spirit of God (God's breath) we ceased to be what we were and became what we are, children of God. I know people like to argue semantics there (are their semantics in Hebrew poetry?) but the heart of the matter is that it doesn't matter how we got around to being what we are but that God had his hand in it.
I'm just thankful roaches aren't a part of my reproductive cycle... Yeah, thanks for the disclaimer on the story :-)

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Sadness, it all went downhill when Carson left (read: sarcasm)

But still sad it never got it's chance