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1. I hope you notice I deliberately did not make statements of what people should and should not do. I asked a lot of questions, but did not draw conclusions for us.
2. The statistics used in this article are not propaganda. They are well documented as citations at the end of the article. I would be interested to see what conflicting statistics you have regarding the particular areas in which I provided numbers.
3. I hope there is a clear delineation between personal anecdote, opinion and statistical fact. If there is ambiguity, I would be happy to provide any necessary clarity.
4. Scripture : Turn the other cheek. Turn your swords into plows. Jesus telling Peter to put his sword away when the religious leaders and Romans were coming to arrest him. The fact that, when Jesus was faced with violence, he did not return violence with violence.

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You will notice that nowhere in the above article have I mentioned prohibiting anyone from owning a gun. My intention is to help us ask questions about what's going on spiritually under the surface of the conversation.

I think that as long as we have a view of God in which we're trying to figure out what we can and cannot get away with ("I can own a gun because God didn't prohibit it"), we've missed the point. God is not a police man whose ensuring that we follow all the rules. And - in light of the cross - He does not turn His back on us every time we make a mistake.

God, through the person of Christ and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, has commissioned the Church into to proactive reconciliation of all things to Himself. Which brings us to our hearts. Are we most concerned with self-preservation and the preservation of the American way or are we proactively shaping culture to reflect the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?

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Thanks, Ron.

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A good article from Skye Jethani about "What do we call ourselves?"

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Oh! Nice. Thanks for the suggestion!

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In related news, the ad that showed for me before the video posted above pointed out the fact that Ron Paul has raised more than any other current presidential candidate in donations from members of the military - 71% of donations given to any GOP candidate. If you're familiar with Ron Paul's stance on foreign policy, you'll see the direct correlation to this story.

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And I love you.

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Hey Ashley,

Check out the comment to Chad above. It's not gone for forever!

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Hey Chad,

Sorry to hear that we've disappointed you, but very honored to know that you appreciated the art section of the site. Just a little more info for you... We do plan to relaunch the art section of the site some time in the future with enhanced usability. We were finding that people that our site it built for were having a hard time knowing how to implement the stuff. So, we have some ideas on how to make that better. Once we get the money to make it happen, we'll relaunch that portion. So, come back :)

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Awesome, Yana! Can you send some pics?!