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Here' s my issue with faith healing, I believe it happens but I don't believe it happens the way 99% of people who believe in it believe it happens. One story, a friend of mine was dieing of cancer, he was 42 years old, loved God, we all miss hm terribly. One night just before he died some old friends came to see him. One friend was a morbidly obese man who had recently undergone gastric by pass surgery. His recovery was going really bad and he almost didn't get clearance from his doctor to travel from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, an hour drive, to see George (that was my friend who was dieing's name) He had a hole inside his stomach the size a a quarter that had been refusing to heal since his surgery over two months prior. They had talked of opening him back up. But he did get to go see George and together with other old friends they joined hands and prayed for Georges healing. George was believing for this healing. But it didn't come. The next day George died and the friend went to the doctor so they could check his hole in his stomach but they found the hole had shrunk, over night , to the size of a small pea! Healing was there, just not for George. Also this friend recommitted his life to God after this miracle and seeing George have such strong faith. He had not been serving God for many years until this happened.
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Amazingly wonderful funny stuff.

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I wont be at Catalyst but I will be at Story and I would really, really love to have a Booty God Booty Button!!

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I spent MOST of my 20's surviving, my 30's dreaming and now my 40's I'm living. It is the hardest, most stretching thing to do. It's completely unsafe, but like I always say, and want to get a shirt that says it, "Safe is Overrated".

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I like the new design a lot, is Heather ok with just her boob representing her? :-)

I am a humor junkie. I love to laugh and I also love to be inspired and challenged, I get all that here...that's why I come back.

Dig it! Dig it hard!

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That is so cool!!! Like Oprah said.

Your absolutely right, people would dance if we the worship leaders lead with uninhibited freedom and love for and belief in what we were singing.

I'm not there yet as a church stage dweller, I believe it but I have yet to really get lost in the words, the music. Thanks for encouraging us worship leaders to think outside the box.

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I totally get what you are saying! I would say I felt the same for MANY years even after becoming a Christian.

Now as someone who stands on the stage, leading worship (im not the main singer, back up) I can see the faces of the completely board and freaked out in the crowd. I actually pray for them sometime while I am singing. And I also know that my heart, up there on that stage, has to be showing Jesus. Somehow, I have to reflect humility, worship, strength, be completely uninhibited in my praise to Him and not controlled by the fact that people are watching. I have to get lost in Him and pray hard that the lost open their hearts to His presence.

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I help lead worship at Healing Place Church-Baton Rouge Dream Center Campus. It is located in the inner city, the zip code with the most murders, drug arrest and gang related violence. The campus was one year old in May. And this year, trying to figure out "how, who, why" for worship has been quite a journey. Our issue is, we all come from Healing Place, which does 90% Hillsong but we are attempting to lead a lot of people into worship that feel led more into worship with something like "Kirk Franklin" BUT we also have 30% of the congregation that are white or Hispanic. SO, finding the right mix, for all of them, got kinda crazy. We as a band had to agree to set aside what we liked or didn't like and start thinking about who we were trying to reach with the worship, God and man, lead the racially diverse crowd into worship and worship ourselves. BUT putting the congregations need above ours. NOW we do a mix of MANY different styles, some Israel, Jesus Culture, Franklin, Maneasy, Johnathan Stockstill, and we find that HE is there. We enter in and The congregation does. From the homesless guys, prostitutes, Kids from the Teen shelter, to the Real Estate agents and brokers.

I love going to a church that looks and sounds like diversity. I love worshiping with ALL of these people.

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Very educational. I am learning and loving it. Tks.

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gosh, daily.