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Holy wow Gorem, been awhile since I've seen you. Don't know if you're sticking around at all but it was nice to see you again :)

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Hey sorry for taking so long to get back to you, life's been busy lately and I totally forgot to respond. I'm happy to hear you're feeling better about yourself and helping yourself out and talking to people. I hope you're still talking to them.

Hope things are still going well

Yeah it can be hard to respond, boy do I know that. Life has a funny way of districting you for days, weeks, or months from something that would only take a few minutes :)
So whenever you can get back, however long feel free to talk as much as you want Flare ^-^

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Yeah maybe learning more about their anatomical models could help, especially for drawing without reference. Remember being able to copy aspects is good too, especially when it becomes muscle memory and you're able to recreate similar models without reference. Just don't beat yourself up over progress too much, believe me when I tell you I know how that feels XD

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and face the anxiety, as you said you'll probably be happy you did it :)
Don't worry about being too talkative, it's not like this place couldn't use it XD

Yeah anything that gives you structure and direction, something you could find online could be perfect if you stick to it. As for reaching it, you don't have to feel guilty about what you ask them, as long as you're polite and it's something you could really use advice on and not something you can merely work out yourself.

Ageing always glad to chat, always here to respond :)

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Here's hoping to all you said :)

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Yeah, nothing you can do, but it would be nice ^-^. Yeah the songs were easily one of the best parts of MLP, it wouldn't be the show it is without them; that's cool they still do singalongs :3. Yeah everyone knew that the fandom would slow down when the show ended, it doesn't mean we lost fans, just that they're busy doing other things. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are behind several seasons and will come back to the show, maybe not the fandom, but at least they're out there. Well 2020 has been a weird year (I bet that's the first time you've heard that XD), but things do seem to be getting better and opening up. Soon things will go back to normal I hope :)

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Hey no problem Flare, happy to talk. Well it's nice to hear that you're drawing everyday, that right there is already a good goal to have, I'm sure you have improved maybe more than you think if you look back on previous work then :)
It is hard to devote all our time to something even if we want to, so you just have to do little things and turn them into habits. These small goals might be hard to commit to at first but once you get over the hurdle you'll find them to be routine, all you have to think is that things will get better and easier.
It's nice that you're talking to other artists, and I know it can be hard to reach out to people, but it's always better to try than not at all. As long as you're polite and honest, you have nothing to lose; and if nothing comes of it, you move on and try again. I mean hey you're talking to me right ^-^, even if it's different it's something
Yeah when in doubt or when you're not sure you can just wing it, make a schedule and stick to it. Sometimes it's nice to ask someone you know to remind you to keep on schedule, I find that helps me. I've heard most art courses are generally unnecessary, but if it's structure you're looking for then it's an idea.
Just remember, any step you make forward is a step in the right direction, and though it's hard, you'll feel a lot better for doing it than to do nothing.

Again, always here to talk :3

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Yeah, eventually things end, even this place has more life than some of the other pages. I still miss a lot of the old regulars here but there just living their lives so I get it. I wonder if they even know we're still here XD
I mean, the songs were one of the major things to get me into MLP, and throughout its history there have always been some I keep coming back to, so I'm glad the last song turned out so well. That book closing was something I didn't see coming and got a lot of people I think ^-^
Yeah I think it was about time to end the show, it was the end of the decade and while I think Season 9 was better than some of the other seasons, I don't know much more they could have done, all the knots tied I guess. The fandom had already slowed down for years so I think it was still soon enough to get some people back to watch the finale of this amazing show.
Yeah I guess the answer for everyone is nothing really new going on :3

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Yeah I knew someone other guys from ND and other places that went to Skype and Discord but I never got into that, just was too attached to places like this I guess. Would still like to hear from them one day, here or somewhere else, but I get it people are busy and life takes you to different places.
Yeah I think a lot of us cried during that song XD I know I did. When Twilight thanked Celestia is where I lost it, and then the song came on xd
Oh man, I've teared up during a few other episodes, but only this and CotLM have made me full on cry.
Currently during a rewatch of the whole show and ranking episodes and Seaons, currently on Season 8 so almost done.
What else is new with you?

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Hey man no worries, always here to listen :D
Don't worry I've been pretty careful, besides work I've only really been "out" like twice this whole pandemic and I like to think I have good hygiene :3, but I appreciate the concern. I'm just glad we're out of the eye of the storm, wherever that is.
Well it's always not good to hear a friend not doing so good, but at least you're holding yourself together and pushing through. I know you've probably heard this like a million times but setting small goals for yourself is a good tool to get yourself out of a funk, like slightly improved sleeping or stepping out of your comfort zone just a bit. I know this stuff may be obvious but sometimes it's nice to just talk about it, even if communicating is the struggle. I mean hey, that's what the show says right xD
While I'm no artist and can't give you any advice to improve, don't get too caught up with your rate of progression, just draw how you like to draw, have fun with it, and maybe talk to other artists online or post your art looking for tips, even if you know you can do better, just own it :)
Don't fall into despair Flare, it gets you nowhere. I know it's easy to just say it, but hearing it from someone else I hope can help ^-^

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Yeah I don't usually know what to post either, I just wish there was a little more life left in this place, oh well
Very late reply but it's still nice to talk to you, I'm doing ok as well, lockdown has been really reduced where I live so life is returning to normal. How are you?