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Seems to me, KCRG waited to see how it would go at the Gazette, and now that it appears, (i am not sure how well, i dont "go there") to be "working", they will do the same thing here. Honestly, the gazette is the same ol few people, thinking they are big "intellectual" fish, (in a very small pond, i might add) saying the same ol things over and over and thanks.

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What you are seeing is a back lash against greedy revenue hungry city officials. I really see your point, i was one who voted FOR the plan to redo the sw side, and was angered that it was voted down, so many years ago. However, i too am disgusted at the way this city keeps drag ging revenue out of its citizens. Utilities go up, at least once a year it seems, their idea of property tax relief? Lowered my house value by 10,000$, and then raised the land value, by, yep- 10,000$ . They say it is to lower taxes, but raise property values so you are paying just as much ,if not more, than you were. And then they r a ise taxes, anyway! They have all this revenue, from taxes, city fees, cameras, etc., but there is NO accounting for where it is going, except for the expensive consultants, who most likely all hang around city hall like h o o k e r s waiting for a j o h n...

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That is not what they are talking about, here. Not at all.

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It is relevent because on the KCRG boards, IQ and shoe size go hand in hand.

"Hicks don't mix with politics"

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scared of what?
whats pathetic is when you get back in one of yer bro's faces they sure do chill quick...

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I remember it pretty good, my daughter lived in the apts right across the street from the Diary Queen, (I believe that it is the ones to the left in the DQ picture) and her friend from Japan had just arrived that very day via B'ham Al..My daughter was at work downtown that night and I remember being on the phone to Madi at the apt., telling her to get into the bathroom in the tub with mattress, pillows, blankets, or whatever else she could get over her....and "Welcome to Iowa"...

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Yeah, I almost feel sorry for the poor tots.
Must be a sad lil world they live in.

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Yeah, I rarely post here anymore, and this lil conversation here is pretty much one example of why, lol...wonder how many screen names they let 'em have here? Take care.

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Hey! Good to "see" you. And thanks!

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"“I don’t want to be disruptive or disrespectful toward her, but I want to do something. It might just be holding up a newspaper or turning my chair around ..."
Both of these acts are disrupting, and disrespectful. I would say that the best way for you to protest, Ms Whiner, would be to forgo attending.