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There you go, Beverly. You asked for reasons, and you were given an ad hoc collection of paranoid fantasies, urban legends, and empty slogans. I'm afraid that that's all there appears to be. Props for asking, though.

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Natural disasters and changes in the Earth's ecosystems have been happening for millenia, they are normal.

So it's okay to engage in behavior that increases the odds of being affected by a natural disaster? You're going to tell everyone to live for the day, don't worry about tomorrow? Would you use this argument for drunk driving or other high-risk behaviors?

They have cooked the books on the computer models as not one has ever accurately predicted what has actually ocurred with the weather. I have read the studies, have you?

Obviously, you haven't. Or perhaps you didn't understand them. Or perhaps you only read the studies which you are sure will validate your views. The argument which you rely on seem to indicate a gaping hole in your basic knowledge of the concept of risk (hint: it's more than a board game) . How can we depend on your judgment regarding a very important matter if you think that you can say that "since things have changed before, it's okay if we act recklessly because all that will happen is more change,"? You're ignoring a very important word, and that word is consequences. Perhaps you feel that you are immune from those consequences. The ancient Greeks had a word for that: hubris.

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JFK was a Republican? He faced down Wallace. Or were you talking about that Eisenhower facing down Faubus? We both know that a pol who tolerated a 91% top marginal tax rate while in office would be about as welcome as an undercooked omlette in today's Republican Party. My how soon that happened. And you couldn't possibly be referring to LBJ, who rammed the Civil Rights Act down the Dixiecrat's throats (in the parlance of our times).

And the correct modifier is Democratic.

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Interesting choice of words, ljw. I'm curious, what charges do you feel the liberals in the civil rights movement have to defend against? The civil rights movement was liberals, only a a bunch of those liberals called themselves Republican at the time.

Republican and Conservative weren't always synonyms.

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Everything you wrote is true. It's a great story, how the a disaffected faction of the Democratic Party came to be indispensable in our contemporary Republican Party. How could such a shift in party bases have happened? How could a party that was instrumental, but by no means alone, in the Civil Rights victory (Democrats seem eternally doomed to factionalism within the party) become the "bad cop" of race relations in the US? I'm sure there's a million blog posts saying it's an illusion created by the unfair Media; I wouldn't be surprised if there's a billion arguing that it's the Democratic Party's social welfare policies.

Or it could be the Southern Strategy.

At any rate, following about half a lifetime later, the Republican Party has lost the support of a nearly everyone to whom Civil Rights mattered in a first-person sense. Whether perception became reality or vice versa, it's real, and the perception has been getting worse, to the point where the recent trend in right-wing mass demonstrations appears to be, "leave your signs at home, you're embara ssing us."

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Humans have about as much control over the weather by pollution as we might have over a rabid tiger we're prodding with a stick...

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I'm curious why no one in this whole thread mentioned that the Russians will be supplying the nuclear fuel and handling and disposing of the waste products, denying the Iranians any chance to reprocess the waste to obtain the fissible isotopes. That's the American Right for you- they don't let anything get in the way of a good freak-out. Drama queens, the whole lot of them. I'm surprised they haven't been contacted by the producers of Jersey Shore.

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596, the fact that you wrote that there is the a risk that Iran might nuke Jerusalem means you don't know the first thing about the debate. The Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem, is one of the holiest shrines of Islam. You might want to google it.

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I suppose that it's too much to ask that you comprehend what I write, when you apparently can't even quote your own words without a significant change in meaning.

Your own words, PT, in your first response to me on this thread:

Thanks for proving that it matters to the Left that he's not a Muslim

Your last response:

Like I said, you care that people believe BO is a muslim.

Notice the change there? For the record, your second version is the correct one. I wouldn't care if he were a Muslim- there is no religious test to hold office in the US. I care about those people who believe that President Obama is a Muslim, because they are willing to participate in that particular delusion because it justifies their belief that he is, "a foreign-born, terrorist-sympathizing, Muslim." (loosely quoted from Chris Matthews' description of what I've called the idiot brigade, a characterization I stand by.) These are people I don't care to give any credence or respect to, as they are working their way toward sedition against the USA.

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He probably knew what I meant to say by actually reading what I wrote.

However, did you mean to imply that the ones to whom the truth matters are what you call "the left," with all of the disapproval that the label implies coming from you? What does that say about your attitude toward the truth?

By any means necessary, eh comrade?