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Mo don't know football. Mo does know murder, rape, theft and lies...or as BHO would say, "Islam's great tradition of tolerance."

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So while well-thought out demographic projections are based on "speculation," on what evidence are we supposed to bet on an improvement in the future behavior of Muslims?

The author provides this quote: "The worst of the scaremongering is based on the assumption that current behavior will continue," says Grace Davie, an expert on Europe and Islam at the University of Exeter in Britain.

Actually, Muslim behavior has become more aggressive as the number of Muslims in Europe has increased, with more brazen assertions of the desire to change the nature of European societies and impose Islamic law. In dealing with no other issue would one claim that bringing in more people from a group with troubling behavior would ultimately result in an improvement in the behavior of that group as their demographic strength increases. Talk about speculation...or more like fantasy, hoping that as the Islamic presence becomes more imposing and empowered, Muslims will start behaving in ways that they rarely have in 1400 years of history, wherever they have existed in significant numbers.

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All the Best, Raymond. You are doing great work.

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Is there any behavior more "anti-social" than the enforcement of Sharia Law? The whole episode, including the indifference or support of the onlookers, speaks volumes about a lack of civilization and the terrible way that Muslims relate to each other and limit those in their societies from reaching their potential as human beings.

Islam is anti-social! It fosters hatred between believer and infidel; division and distrust between male and female; legal discrimination against women and non-Muslims; superiority of Arab-Muslims over non-Arab Muslims; takes love, art, science, free expression, creativity, innovation, music and all the other wonders of advanced societies and works to eradicate them, while focusing only on the collective "good" of spreading the religion until it conquers the whole world.

And our clueless (or deceitful) President tells us that Islam is part of the solution? Only if you want to live in a country like Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

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I believe it would be correct to refer to Malley's father as an "Islamojew."

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Dabashi's young wife, Golbarg Bashi, was interviewed briefly on CNN and referred to as Iranian feminist or a professor at Rutgers fighting for women's rights in Iran.

Really? Don't they have google over at CNN? In two seconds you could find that she's the wife of Dabashi (enough said right there) and that she signed a petition explicitly supporting Hezbollah and calling on the Lebanese government to aid the "resistance."

Her work was a mix of feminist platitudes, Islamic apologist rhetoric, post-colonial mishmash, racial gibberish and anti-capitalist and anti-Western garbage that ultimately cast both Western women and Western governments as anti-Islam, or using specific issues as excuses to bash the faith of Muslims, while defending the wearers of the hijab in the West. Or something like that. Who really knows? I don't have the stomach to read through her disorganized and contradictory doctrines, loaded with post-modern language and hostility. Her "celebrated" husband is her mentor, which may explain both her career advancement as well as the poor quality of her work (as his lacks intelligent thought, promotes hatred and eschews any pretense of objectivity). What seems clear to me, and I believe she stated this explicitly (again I could only manage a few minutes looking at this confusing crap), is that one of her main problems with Western feminists was that they remained objective or neutral in their academic work rather than completely committed to the cause. I don't know what women's studies professors she is talking about, but that opinion in itself--both in its promotion of academic activism and in its ridiculous belief that feminist professors are somehow committed to being objective--means she lives in an alternate universe.

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"Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks,
Molotov cocktails and rocks behind every curtain,
False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin,
Only a matter of time 'til night comes steppin' in."

Jokerman! Great, great song.

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Where are all the moderate Islamists that Fareed Zakaria said pose no threat? Remember how he said we can live with Islamists as long as they are violent? Kind of like saying you can live at the North Pole as long as it isn't cold...

The Taliban "moderates" must be hanging out with all his shrewd, rational, calculating and certainly not "crazy" mullahs from Iran on planet fantasy. Boy have recent events exposed him as a fraud. Too bad Obama takes his cues from Zakaria on foreign policy.

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Welcome to the legendary Right Wing Bob. You have a great website. I remember that interview of Robert Spencer.

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It is more likely a subtle signal to the Arab world of his contempt for Israel. He didn't figure that Israelis or Americans knew enough about Arab culture to pick up on it.