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I guess I am missing something, What does "symbolically breastfeed a male" entail? What kind of workplace atmosphere does that create? I guess after a new hire part of the orientation is to go in private and act like you are breast feeding every male employee or can she just do it in one large breast feeding group? This would make a disgusting porno but par for course for the Koran.

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Micheal Savage is a US patriot. We only have 2 parties in the US. We don't have a BNP. We have one party that represents Big Money/Oil etc and one that loves anything that destroys the morals of this country. The only thing they have in common is that they love unfettered Illegal immigration to this country,one for votes the other for cheap labor. Michael Savage is the only one that calls both parties out.

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I am from the US and listen to Michael Savage regularly. 8 Million of us do. Oh By the way we are starting a billboard campaign of our own


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If they are part of a "Chinese Resistance Group" They need to be in China resisting. What you will learn that every Jihadist is actively resisting their government or government of country that they immigrated to.

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Yes MrsJ,

U.S Texas, we have "right to carry" laws here. funny, when the next person you might try to rob, rape or murder might blow your head off, you think twice.

But, we don't have the blasting calls to prayers and the Friday afternoon demonstrations with calls for Jihad and death to our country. So some people from the UK might get homesick.

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I guess the UK wants woman totally without any protection against the Islamic immigrant offspring hoards, I guess if your attacked by a group of 15-20 "youths" just yell into the nearest CTV camera. "they are at it again" then after you are raped/killed there will be a strict punishment of community service put on those punks.

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We got stupid and lazy, We love flowery speeches and we want someone else to pay our mortgage.

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The republicans tried that last election in here in the US, Republicans gave us Mclame, The man that was pushing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Turned off the right, and we got Obama

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12. Feel free to harass/rape the female aboriginal population with impunity or get god forbid probation/community service.

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"the impending US-led Reconquista." I really believe that that might have to be the end of things. Europe will not have the strength left after she finally wakes up and right now it is hard to see what would wake her up.(but the followers of Jihad like to overplay their hand and attack overtly when waiting or mating would do.)

Europe egotistically thinks she is beyond war, not even realizing she has been at a slow deadlier war sense the 70's without a shot being fired back.