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If you are referring to the demise of this site, Roger, I don't believe it is the victim of liberalism. This site was active for a very long time when there was actual debate involved. I believe people left this site because opposing views were met with sarcasm and name calling rather that actual debate of facts. For me it was presenting of shortcoming of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. When citing actual facts and links that were negative in regards to Trump, it was met with refusal to even read articles and name calling by long time posters on this site. I don't recognize that behavior as debate.

I am a conservative and commented on this site for years because I was a conservative. I left this site because debate was dead.

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What it did also was push the number of freebie people over the line with the medicaid expansion. Now there are so many people getting free health care that the coward republicans are afraid to take it away as they said they would.

There is no doubt about it. We are on a march to full blown socialism and it is not going to turn around because both parties are ok with giving the freebies regardless of the debt in fear of losing their jobs.

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And this is the business of the federal government because???????

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Yep, full repeal will never happen. There are only a few conservative senators that would back full repeal now that Obama is gone.

All this nonsense about too many people losing coverage is BS. The only people that would lose coverage are the ones getting medicaid.

There are lots of folks covered by Obamacare that really don't have coverage. The deductibles are so high that they have to pay for everything themselves anyway.

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People are not paying attention or they would keep voting in conservatives and the leadership will change.

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Yeah, every republican in congress voted to kill it when there was no chance Obama would sign on. Once you give the public the freebies, you can't take them away.

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Trust and the name of a politician are something I rarely use in a sentence together.

The republican establishment needs to be changed. If staunch conservatives keep getting elected, this can happen. McConnell is usually at odds with the Senate conservatives.

The problem is that not enough people in this country pay attention and get involved. When they do, most of them just listen to tv talking heads and don't do their due diligence. We have come to a point in this country that people are satisfied with what the government gives them and don't want change.

That makes moving the country in the right direction next to impossible. Once the freebies end, violence will erupt.

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I disagree about Trump being a Blue Dog democrat. I don't think he has an ideology beyond his own personal gain.

I won't disagree that Trump loves the country.

It was the election of conservatives that gave the republicans the house and senate. The republican establishment doesn't need to be torn down. It needs to move to the right. If more conservatives are elected to congress, this can happen but it takes time.

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It is shameful that we ended up with only a choice between Hilary and Trump. I blame open primaries. Democrats should not be involved in picking the republican candidate.

I accept the fact that Trump is our president. My concern is that this country will move further left because the republican party is going to move in that direction in the next four years.