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Probably a difference between "agree with" and "respect" though.

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I mean, nobody has to use a urinal as long as there are toilet stalls open. I imagine transmen with vaginae use the stalls...

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Is Bobby genderqueer, with a gender all to themselves? I like them already x3

I wonder what their preferred pronouns are, or if they care at all...

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Definitely can see both sides here. I'd say I empathize more with Lily, though.

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Aww, that last panel's cute. At least he's a good person at heart, even if he may be misguided in some ways by traditional religious ethics.

I had more but it went off into a long, winding ramble, wondering as a non-religious person about whether you could have faith in your morality but still accept people living their own lives (maybe having good intentions alleviates the seriousness of the sin?). Seems as though Tyler's not quite so extreme to take serious steps in imposing his morality on others, at least. (Although it's still potentially damaging if he attempts to even gently persuade questioning people to give up queer lifestyles! Orthodox/fundamentalist religion can engender such a toxically repressive society...)

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I dunno, I think that could still be random chance. Though as a male, I'm not sure how variable period lengths are... but it doesn't seem implausible to me that it would happen every so often by random chance. Probably depends a bit on how many months you're talking about. Still, humans tend to be a bad judge of randomness--we tend to underestimate clumping in data. For example, if you flip a coin a hundred times, there would probably be a run of seven heads or tails in a row []. Even if you flip a coin only 40 times, there would be about a quarter chance of seeing a run of seven of the same result [, doubled to include the chance of 7 tails as well].

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(Maybe he used to be a parakeegal?)

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It's not easy being Li...

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Now that's a lifetime commitment for you!

...Or when that person goes to a psychiatric facility, that's a lifetime commitment too!