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Yes indeed! That was at least... two years ago I think!

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Haha, good observation!
I spent my high school years in NY, so soda ended up being the one that stuck instead of pop.

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I finally had a chance to attack them back and the evil one is dead!

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No worries man.

Also, just for the record, my reply wasn't to single you or any specific person out. It was just kind of the best place for me to put my long comment thingie.

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My girlfriend is amazing, so for you to say "I bet she just didn't want to deal with it, as it's Justin's dog and all" is absurd and insulting. Also, Wendell is our dog.

Read my comment down below please.

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Alright, here's the full backstory because some of you are laying into a real-life person that is my girlfriend and making some assumptions and I honestly don't appreciate it.

Wendell was not feeling well, so he started heaving, which is the signal for us to grab the nearest anything so that he doesn't throw up on the carpet. I wasn't home yet, but Cara was, but was feeling ill and was on the couch resting. She hustled and grabbed a tupperware from a nearby table and saved the carpet. I got home a couple minutes later and helped Cara clean up after the dog.

I dunno dudes, I just wanted to make a super goofy joke but it turned into a strange bashing session. I make comics that are goofy and positive and really enjoy having one of the few positive places left in the webcomic world, so to see the comments here go a negative route was very disappointing.

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I'm gonna be swapping out some ad networks because of this. It keeps happening and isn't cool, nope.

Thanks for the heads up yet again! Oh yes, and thanks for posting the comic to reddit =)

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Just a sequence of words that I put together without any knowledge of any existing material also using that same sequence of words

if that's what you're asking =)