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I respect you probably more than any commenter I've seen on this site, for reasons that are hard to explain, but anyway, it makes me glad that I found this. I have seen you posting less frequently than you were during the season, which is the case for many, and of course an obvious reason would be the lack of pony episodes and activity, but there was also the likely scenario that the coronation caused correlation (I've been waiting to make that alliteration). So I'm happy to see you still excited about pony. Your old avatar fit you better, I think, but you rolled with the changes and set out to find something that suited you. In the future I'm sure you'll come across a picture that reflects the old expression even better.

I remember writing a review of the episode "Spike at Your Service" that made the front page (due to my one-time CTRL+V attack) that solidified my trust of the writers and reminded everyone that the storyline was not the most important element of the show, and I think it forced them to go back and look at each aspect individually, and rediscover why each episode made them smile and kept them coming back for more. After the Twilicorn issue, I felt myself slowly declining from that position over time, and eventually I became angry at the lack of care by Hasbro for the integrity of the show. I have to admit that I began to lose interest in any pony activity whatsoever, and whatever little free time I previously used for frequenting pony sites was allotted to other things. I stayed current with the music, but it was difficult to consider myself a "brony" in the way I once was.

Today I was reminded of the attitude I had back when I wrote that review: that whatever they have chosen to happen to the characters, they have always stuck to the original formula that made the show entertaining and enjoyable. The season 3 finale was no exception, and I have a feeling that season 4 won't be, either. I'm still in love with every one of the characters, and there's no reason to think the writers won't stay true to Twilight or any of the others.

This comment is what reminded me of that, so I just had to say thank you. I know we don't really agree on everything, but that doesn't matter so much as far as I'm concerned. The important thing is that I'm anticipating being able to call myself a brony for a long time.

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Sometimes it seems like people just want to turn their minds off when listening to music. The most interesting aspects of these songs are apparently the ones that have been the least favorably received, at least from the reactions I've seen. I've been slowly learning why certain artists and genres are more widely appreciated than others, but one major theme has been the nonchalant shoving of dynamism and longevity to the back seat in favor of groove and instant accessibility.

Become a little more introspective while listening, and not only will the experience be immensely more moving and resonating, but you'll also find that the most subtle aspects of the songs can often be the most meaningful.

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Tolerance is less concerned with the beliefs being held than with the people who hold them. Tolerance does not mean that I agree with another's idea: it only means giving credence to the fact that someone else may hold an idea that is equally (if not more) plausible to mine. I may vehemently disagree with their conviction, but I will respect it just as I would like them to respect mine. It also extends to lifestyles, personal habits, and other things that may even be beyond their control.

By contrast, "acceptance" is essentially a laissez-faire attitude that says "you do what you want and I'll do what I want", which to me is counterproductive because part of the goal of the brony community is to bring people together with all of their differences.

You can't force someone to adopt this philosophy by simply declaring "Love and tolerance!" when they get angry with you, but that doesn't make it any less worthy as a moral code.

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Are these artists not good enough for you, Cereal?

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I know this is a very, very old thread, but I was just listening to "The Shattered Fortress" by Dream Theater and I noticed that it contains the line, "That where there is discord I may bring harmony." This post is what I immediately thought of, and I thought it was too perfect not to share. I can't believe I never noticed that! Wish I would have back then, but oh well.

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I like the way you did the lighting. It actually looks better than the photos Hot Topic uses. And is that a Twilight Sparkle coaster?

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I didn't receive a shipping email but my Fluttershy arrived yesterday, the same day that I was told it would be shipped! Such was a pleasant surprise as well as the fact that I received the normal Fluttershy instead of the sparkly maple syrup one. I understand the collector's value but I also want something that's pretty to look at.

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Both of Kreuhn Pony's songs are under 10,000 each. That's enough to make me spend a whole night sobbing while rocking softly in a corner and stroking the mane on my Luna plushie.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discourage you from making a vocal track. There's nothing inherently wrong with it. Just make sure that you're not doing it for the sole purpose of expanding your audience. Make it you. Make it real. That's all that matters.

Not that you didn't already realize these things: just a friendly reminder since it seemed like you were interested in going that direction. I know it's tempting to follow a specific formula that seems like it will guarantee fame, but you won't be proud of yourself as an artist if you do that.

Best of luck to you, and sorry if I seem a little melodramatic about this, but I've just seen this kind of thing happen way too many times.

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Ask yourself the reason why you are spending time composing and producing music. Are you impressed by the success of other brony musicians you admire and want to someday be as popular as they are? Then go ahead and write a MandoPony-style cliche vocal anthem that will appeal to the majority of the pre-listeners and will give you the best fighting chance to get featured on the site.

Or are you the type of person who just loves to express yourself and your preferred creative outlet---your passion---is music, and you diligently learn the ins and outs of production techniques in order to most effectively assemble those ideas into a polished work of art, not settling until you are completely satisfied with every line, every measure, every note? Then embrace your inspirations and let everything flow freely into your work from the deepest and most meaningful emotions that spring from those inspirations, and nothing else.

Never try to force an idea into production simply because its end result feels like it will have the most significant effect on your popularity. Only compose when you are feeling compelled to do so---not with an external agenda in mind---and you will be monumentally more proud of your work and its potential impact on others. The more purposeful it is to you, the more purposeful it will be to someone else, and in addition to the mere minutes of pleasure, they will receive a lifetime of meaning.

I see much talent in you, I really do, and it would sadden me to see it wasting time going in the wrong direction, pursuing such superficial goals. If you believe featuring vocals in your upcoming project will help the song more aptly convey the intended ideas, then great. But I really hope that that's your reason for doing so.