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The media does the exact same thing when it's about violence by Muslims.

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Why don't you forget about the two-state solution? It's probably the absolute stupidest idea ever promoted by idiot politicians. It's dead, time to bury it._The way forward is to annex Area C & B + the Jordan Valley.

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The Jpost poll actually understates the depth of negative feelings about Obama among most Israelis. What Israelis say about Obama is not printable in this forum. Many Israelis also are reticent in expressing negative feelings about American policy, all too aware of our over-dependance on the US, at least in public. Reading articles in our media often gives a somewhat false impression (and this includes the JPost) - our media has the same left-wing bias as the American media. The figure of 9% who see Obama as pro-Israel is not surprising - you Americans have a similar percentage of far-left lunatics & people not playing with a full deck, the naive, gullible, & uninformed.

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When is Jihad not Jihad? When Obama tells you it's ''inner struggle'' -
9/11 was a fine example of ''inner struggle'' .............
Maybe we should stop saying Orwellian & call it ''Obamaisms'' ????

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George Orwell knew what he was talking about. Orwellian language now dominates politics, journalism, academia, & most of the entertainment industry.__

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The Aztecs were more civilized, had higher moral values.

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If it were up to me I would throw the Arabs the hell out of all Israeli territory & force them into Jordan which is Palestine, as far as I'm concerned. But, I don't represent a majority view, many of my co-citizens are still quite politically correct, especially the Sabrim, Israelis here for several generations. Being a rather recent immigrant from an Arab country myself, I have far less scruples, to put it mildly. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Russian-Israelis share my opinion, they are far less politically correct in the Western sense.

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Here's today's BS from Fatah - now they demand ALL of Jerusalem, East & West, or they refuse to negotiate. I mean, really, you have to laugh at these clowns. I wrote a rather sarcastic comment in The Economist last night, they had the usual white-wash of the Fatah conference & it was a total piece of BS. It only took them a half-day to delete my comment. __The truth about Arafat is readily available from the French hospital where he died, if Fatah wanted the truth & not just some more propaganda. __Pretty much, it doesn't matter any more what Fatah says, the phoney peace process is dead. It only exists in disturbed minds (like Obama) who have political reasons to keep up the charade, it's the process that matters, make-believe. Even our own PM Netanyahu plays the game mostly because of the internal dynamics of Israeli politics & a desire not to make too many waves between America & Israel. __Fatah is as much an obstacle to any progress as Hamas. Why anyone ever thought that a bunch of terrorists, thugs, thieves, embezzlers, & corrupt politicians could ever be a "peace partner'' is beyond me.

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I saw the functioning of mosques as propaganda centres most of my life, rumours & slanders, lies & conspiracy theories, incitement, all started in the mosques & spread throughout the city. Events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks on NY immediately had a ''party line'' that came directly from the mosques & was then repeated by virtually the entire population of the city I lived in.
And thanks for the compliment, I consider it an honour to be an ''Islamophobe''' ......

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There are no ''rights'' that have no limitations placed upon them & this includes freedom of religion. Would any civilized state condone the practice of the ancient Aztec religion yet Aztec religion is certainly no more barbaric than Islam? Should some brave soul bring a lawsuit against Islam as a harmful & dangerous ideology, would he not win in an objective court of law? The problem is that we do not have an objective court of law but one much influenced by liberal notions of freedom of religion & bound by political correctness. Such a case would be rejected out of hand by today's courts.