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You make a very good point but, being an American gives you the right to vote IMO. I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, that is not going to fly. It is the duty of the informed to notify the uninformed. The media has dropped the ball completely. Those that are informed have a huge hurdle in the way but, we can make it.

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I agree. Term limits would cover up our failures as a people. It is our duty to replace our officials as needed.

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"We already have term limits. It's called elections."

Thank you. You summed it all up in one sentence. :)

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I have to say, I am a little disappointed that so many are for term limits. I love this country and the Republic form of gov't that it is supposed to be. We as a people have failed at our duty. It is our responsibility to vote out the dead beats in Congress and the White House. Term limits are covering up our inadequacies as a voting people. I am in awe that so many feel the need to band-aid fix our problems. Term limits will only hurt in the long run. What happens when you get a Congress that respects the Constitution? They disappear under the term limit law. There are too many laws on the books, there is too much time and money wasted on the deadbeats in Congress. We need to come together as Americans and vote out the waste. Special interests may have the money but, we have the votes. Term limits for Congress is not what our Forefathers wanted. We all get what we deserve. Complacency is not an excuse. If we all did our part as Americans, we would not be in this position. I am truly surprised that Glenn Beck is going along with the consensus on the Term Limit issue. He is smart enough to see the problems with this and why it should not be implemented. I am utterly shocked that "part time pay for part time work" didn't make the top 20 in the poll. Just another example of why we are at this point.

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Amazing. When Bush said the same thing countless times, it was meaningless. Now, Obama says it, it is the gospel. Absolutely absurd. It has never been about being against the Muslim religion, why apologize for something you are not guilty of? This is the United States Of America. The POTUS needs to act like he leads this great nation instead of throwing us under teh bus. I for one could care less about what Europe or the Muslim nation thinks of the USA. We are the USA and answer to no one.

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I think you missed the point. Nowhere did anyone say "not make it political". These threads on the main page are for discussion of the topic. There is a VENT page as well as other pages her on this SITE to voice your frustrations. Discussing the topic of this thread does not have to turn into off topic rants about congress, Obama, Rush Limbaugh, etc. Discussing the topic in a civil manner can include those mentioned but... It is one thing to be upset, frustrated, and want to get it off your chest. It is another to just sit around and cry and point fingers. Dividing < Organization. We need to stop pointing and blaming and do something about it. The site will not grow to the numbers needed by pushing away those like me.

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Very well said GG. I frequent other forums and blogs on a daily basis to help this community grow. As with all communities, you always have the people who are there to only cause trouble. No response to them is the best course of action IMO. I truly want to see this community grow, and to do that, we all need to stay vigilant and tactful.

I to am getting tired of having to weed through post after post of off topic discussion. The amount of complaining and off topic discussions could be what keeps new members from joining in. This is a wonderful thing that Mr. Beck has done and we are turning into a circus. He may have no choice but to drop the site all together. Following the 9 principles and 12 values, coming together as one voice, helping others understand why, should be the top priorities of any member here. Constant blaming and empty rhetoric are not one of those values or principles. Lets all keep a cool head and think before we type. What would Glenn do? God bless.

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Term limits were not put into the constitution by our founding fathers. Their intent was for lawmakers to be part time employees which relied upon the public to elect them. Our founding fathers could not have envisioned the complacency within our public but, all the same, it is our fault. Blaming the system is only a band-aid fix. We teh people are at fault and need to fix ourselves before we fix anything else.

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A lot of us were saying that. D.C. doesn't seem to care what we the people feel or think. The numbers are being manipulated. The dollar value is artificially high. Of the housing numbers, 40% or so were foreclosures that were purchased. Trust your gut, not the numbers. The markets would naturally correct themselves but, it is not going to happen when there are agendas to push through.

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I contact my congressmen on a regular basis. In a whole, our lawmakers have proven that they do not care how we feel or how much we write. Contacting as individuals no longer has any effect. We need to stand together as a voice millions strong for them to get teh message.