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Very well said. I believe that the education process starts at home. Teaching those before they are sent to the Progressive controlled learning system would also help.

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Here's a funny idea. The federal gov't protects our sovereignty and foreign interests and leaves the law making and enforcing up to the States.

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What would you like from me? The ones in red, I ignore most of the time. They are not worth my time. I fight enough of them in other places like the Bank, grocery store, other forums. I get on here to discuss topics and help spread the word. I want this site and movement to grow. Arguing over non essential stuff is not how I roll.

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I do agree with most of what you are saying. By not feeding the trolls I mean, not letting them bait you. If you must question their empty rhetoric and slandering, do it with tact and intelligence. Do not do it out of emotion, that is what they feed on. Defend yourself and values by all means, just do it the right way. IF they try to move off topic, remind them of the thread topic and continue.

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Teh FED is not in trouble. They produce every dollar that is in circulation. It is loaned to our gov't and banks with interest. Our tax dollars go to paying back the interest we owe to the money loaned. All they have to do is print more money, which is what they are doing. Print money, inflation rises.

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Well, I have to say that markets will correct themselves whether you insure yourself more debt or needless things. Also, the gov't messing with the market is going to prolong this mess. Your use of Liberal is flat out wrong, I suggest learning what a true liberal is. I also suggest about thinking of the Obama supporters that are now having voters remorse. While they may be centrist or left leaning, they could still be Patriots. Loving ones country has many paths, and if those I speak of ens up here do to their disgust, shouldn't we embrace them as well? People like Chuck and his many other screen names have only one goal. Disrupt our agenda, plain and simple. Do not fall for it, ignore. If you want us to be displayed like a bunch of kooks, by all means, keep up the circus act. If you want to actually accomplish something with this group and others like this group. We need to stop the banter and rhetoric, and embrace all of those that are tired of the direction we are going. Our money and country has been stolen. It is going to take a lot more than a few hundred thousand people crying Obama did this, Obama did that to get it back. The monetizing of our debt, the countries across the globe dealing with the same problems, are going to lead to globalization. Planned or not, it is in the works. How many people do you think we need to fight it? Are you willing to steer supporters away in each and every thread because Obama this and Obama that? I'm not. Greenbacks are only worth the faith we have in them. They are truly worthless without the gold standard. I could find clam shells, as long as a business will accept them as payment, I am good to go. What, nobody has faith in clam shells? must be some kind of...

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Yes I agree we are heading for a Zimbabwe or Argentina style collapse. Money doesn't grow on trees but, we sure seem to think it grows on a printing press. My original post was do to the fact that, roughly 75% of the posts in this thread, have nothing to do with the global confetti or the Trillions in reckless spending. Printing money or not, our system has failed because our leaders have failed. Checks and balances were there for a reason.

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I don't know about anyone else here but, I am getting sick and tired of every thread turning into a pissing contest. Can't we stay on the topic at hand and discuss it like adults. All of this Liberal this, conservative that, is getting really old. People who holler "Liberal" need to learn what a true Liberal is before shouting. On a real scale, it is left or right not, liberal or conservative. Besides, we all need to work together with civility. I am angry with our leaders, I am angry with the direction of our country. Nothing is being accomplished by sitting at your computer complaining about everything. I may be done with this site and this movement if things do not get better. EAch of these threads on teh main page are for discussing the topic of the thread intelligently. There are other spots like "Vent" to talk about your feelings and hate speech. None of this is doing anything good for this site or this movement. Focus your anger and energy where it can be useful, ignore those that are here to troll or just get you fired up. Trolls starve when they get no attention.

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"Cape "tea party" canceled; City fears too many attendees"

City should do a little check first. It is pretty simple.

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I am sure many more. He is there to take the heat off of Obama. They may also be using this as a distraction.