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Well we are all celebrities in our little world :)

But signing on a dotted line makes me a celebrity, personally I would avoid that, never was a fan of the crowd. the guys that make killer money online aren't celebrities at all, in fact, you barely hear about them. But being a web celebrity is just a mean to an end, they became celebrity to market their own brand, not because they wanted to be celebrities, which is also a sound marketing scheme!
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Well blogging for money is business. If you treat it like a business you can make money, that's how I do it. but don't get me wrong, I have a great passion for blogging, but that is where my world and the world of all the "suckers" that thought it was easy money or even from those passionate bloggers that don't make a cent is the fact that I treat my passion as a business. Basically, blogging is like everything else, if you like what you are doing and you are interested in what you are doing you are just an inch of being a successful person, but you have to cross that inch with some business planning.

Well, that is at least my own experience :)
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Same here, I tend to post when I have something of quality to offer, be that 5 times a week or 2 times a week or even skipping the entire week sometimes. I prefer quality and the benefits of it.

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"End in the end ... If I want to keep something secret, I won't write it anywhere in the Internet! "

That is the biggest truth today, i wouldn't be worried about Facebook, Google already has all the info and is sharing it everywhere along the net, and with all the add-ons and other type of spyware out there our info is free for grabs!

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They certainly do work. it just takes some time to build a network of people, which is the mistake most people make, they don't have enough patience. If done right you can create a great social network that will bring in traffic and make your brand known.

PS. I use forums and I find them to be a great source of traffic