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OK, so not everyone is smart enough to figure out that lies and insults aren't working. There are always going to be a few who can't keep up with the rest of the class.

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Arpaio and Zullo BOTH testified under oath in federal court that everything Montgomery gave to them was bullshit.

But hey, this crap about Obama and Brennan hiring hax0rz to alter the birth certificate and then having them murdered is something that birthers WANT to be true. Therefore it must be true, amirite? Same with Montgomery claiming RC is this guy Skalsky. You know who Skalsky really is? He's the guy who owns

But my website is I couldn't get because Skalsky already owned it. He's a musician with no connection to Obots. Go check his site, it redirects to which has his name on it.

Zullo probably gave the name Fogbow to Montgomery, and didn't tell him that the real URL of my website is Montgomery ran a simple whois search and found Skalsky. Added a little DARPA bullshit and Zullo thought he was a genius. Doesn't take much to impress Zullo the Clown.

Typical birther mindset, in a nutshell. To birthers, whether something is provably true or provably false is entirely IRRELEVANT. To birthers, a thing is true if they want it to be true, and false if they want it to be false, and evidence be damned.

I see on the previous thread a number of calls for me to be banned. Have the nice people here on Birther Report finally realized that lying about me and insulting me doesn't work for shit? If I ever disappear, you'll know I got banned. That's the only way to get rid of me, because lies and insults just don't cut it.

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Andy Martin was one of the very first birthers. He had one of the very first birther cases, Martin v. Lingle, in Hawaii. Used to call himself "King of the Birthers".

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Zullo -

"Oh, Judge Snow, your honor, no, we were never investigating you! We have no evidence against you at all! Forget about all the emails and other documents showing that we were trying to dig up some dirt on you! Forget about those charts Montgomery gave us showing phone calls and emails between you, Holder, and federal agencies! We know those are fake now! Recently we've decided you're a victim and we were just protecting you all along! We're innocent, I swear it! Please don't hurt me!"

This is like Bush telling us he invaded Iraq because of WMD, but when there were no WMD, he decided to claim we invaded to save our good friends the Iraqi people from that meanie Saddam. Good lesson for Zullo the Clown. When the original plan blows up in your face, lie about what the plan was. Only problem is, Judge Snow isn't stupid. He knows exactly what the plan was.

What happened to Zullo the tough guy yesterday? He was groveling. He was sniveling. He was blubbering. The reporters said he was "unhinged".

That's just what you want to read about yourself in the newspaper - you were UNHINGED. Yowza!

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"Zullo surprised the court Thursday, aggressively and loudly answering questions after originally invoking his Fifth Amendment right to remain quiet for nearly four hours.

After about 30 minutes of answering questions Thursday afternoon, Zullo turned to Snow and said, “Your honor, at some point I need to stop answering questions… It’s like I don’t know what I’m doing."

Yeah, a cop's cop all right. Worked for less than five years for a police agency with 7 cops total. Never became a detective (they don't have detectives in the Demarest, NJ force). Failed career as a private eye. Forced to go live with mommy and sell used cars for a living. His competence is terrifying.

Tell that lie about me being disbarred another 10,000 times, see where it gets you. And then when you look in the mirror, remind yourself -- you are lying scum.

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Arpaio's lawyers -- don't let Zullo plead the Fifth Amendment!

We're calling it the "Stop the Bleeding" ploy by Sheriff Joe.

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By the way, y'all ... Zullo cracked, and then exploded today in Judge Snow's court. No more 5th Amendment -- he lost his mud.

My peeps at Fogbow are LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

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If you think anything a birther says embarrasses me, you are delusional. Birthers are scum, and nothing they say can touch me. Nobody in the reality-based world gives a shit what you say.

Obama is eligible. He's a natural born citizen. If you don't like that, maybe you shouldn't have voted for him. ;-)

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Don't you have any hitters? charlene is so lame it's pathetic.

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Just for fun, let's assume that Root's bizarre childish fantasy, for which he has no evidence whatsoever, is actually true: Obama was born in the US (duh) but he told Columbia for some reason that he was Indonesian. Not so he could get a Fulbright scholarship -- we've been over that. Fulbright scholarships are given to foreign students ONLY for post-graduate work, and not for undergraduate studies like Obama did at Columbia. But for whatever reason,let's pretend along with Root that Obama pretended to be Indonesian.

What would happen?

It wouldn't mean he's ineligible for the office; remember, Root says he was born in the US.

It wouldn't mean he could be impeached; you can't be impeached for something you did 27 years before he was elected President.

It wouldn't mean he could be prosecuted for fraud; any statute of limitations would have passed more than 20 years ago.

All it would mean is that people could say bad things about him.

But don't the nice people here at Birther Report get to say bad things about him every day anyway?