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Fine and dandy, as long as Jindal doesn't allow Gulen's charter schools move in any further into Louisiana. Last I knew, there were two or three in the state - Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

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I suspect that Mr. Schneider actually goes looking for these kinds of movies to be in as he typically acts in family friendly fare. I recall hearing that he's a Christian, and while some of his acting jobs have me scratching my head, he doesn't look like he's hurting for work.

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Well, I figure it has to be you checking out my blog, and since you won't leave a comment, to provide an email addy, I'll give you a big clue since you seem to be stumped.

Papa John's - Verot School Rd, ~2003 - 2004... I have one ear and drove a blue Volvo 240 at the time. Hopefully I wasn't that forgetable!

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Not to jack the thread, but CH, I've been looking for you. Follow my profile to my blog and you'll find out who I am. We knew each other from several years back. I don't do twitter and I don't know your email. Hope all is well with you.

I hope you revisit this thread.

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Mrs. Heshbi has created a blog posting concerning her arrest and interrogation. It reads like a novel. Whether or not she was wrongly detained and interrogated, she's got plenty of ire and goes into a true, detailed diatribe. http://shebshi.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/some-real...

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I first heard about the Islamic heritage of slaves in an American History class in college a decade or more ago. I understood the gist of the professor's comment then as you've articulated now - black Americans should look to Islam, not Christianity for their religious heritage (that "Christianity" was "forced" upon them).

Only, the question I had then is one I still have now. What were those African peoples before they became Muslims? Sure, many were pagans and animists, but many, many were Christians. The heritage of north Africa perhaps all the way down to sub-Sahara and both Eastern and Western coasts was Christian alongside paganism, as it still is today. So, if modern American blacks were trying to be all "ethnic" and getting "back" to their roots, then if they're Christians now, they've no reason to leave their faith, especially if God has truly saved them.

If anything, while not under good circumstances, contact with the West brought Christianity back into those African's lives who might never have had contact with it otherwise. A gracious silver lining.

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Amen. The West will never fully "get" Islam until they "get" spiritual, and in my personal understanding and belief, that is only possible thru Christ.