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Frankly I'd think it would be difficult for someone uninformed to focus on the meaty parts of the editorial, mixed in as it is with so much baseless horseshit.

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Obama probably cc'd them in the list of marching orders he sends to Peter King every day.

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Far as I'm concerned she's just a notch or two above Camille Paglia on the list of people worth paying attention to (Camille Paglia is at the bottom of the list, btw). She's pretty well known for not being too rigorous in her reasoning or research.

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You'll hear no argument from me! I'd rather people's focus be on exposing systemic police abuses than the Cigarette Smoking Man, that's all.

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Meanwhile, Alternet points out that they never broke the story that Wolf claimed they did - http://joshholland.blogspot.com/2011/11/naomi-wol...

So it's a question of which explanation for the police backlash against OWS you prefer- (A) a complex mixture of free-floating cultural antipathy towards leftist activism / staunchly conservative siege mentality within all levels of law enforcement / self-critical, hothouse flower Centrism in the Jon Stewart mold / corporate control of 24-hour newsmedia / widespread conservative and libertarian support for the cavalier finance sector / citizen apathy, in other words, a vast structural problem, or (B) a Star Chamber Conspiracy within the government controlling everything from the shadows and acting in their own personal monetary interest over ideological, cultural or political concerns, in other words, the same people who staged 9/11.

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Haha, UN forces conducting manhunts, ha

In all seriousness, the bulk of peacekeeping troops in Africa are going to be from the African Union, mostly from Ethiopia in all likelihood, and will be poorly trained and equipped. If it's under the UN mandate they will be, as Barry says, restricted from engaging in any sort of armed conflict not pertaining to keeping themselves alive. UN troops are, like the Red Cross, "neutral" and their mere physical presence is supposed to prevent conflict. Go ahead and ask Roméo Dallaire how well that works.

The UN is the EPA of international politics - saddled with enormous responsibility and given no resources or faith to uphold it. Its "peacekeeping" forces* exist entirely as an ineffectual scapegoat upon which rich Western countries can heap awful shitstorms like this, so that they don't have to take any responsibility for "human rights" themselves. The victims of these civil wars have no champions, least of all in the UN.

* Speaking of which, where do you suppose these "peacekeeping forces" come from? As this comment section handily illustrates, Western countries suffer from acute NIMBY-ism. Hence the shunting onto miserably underqualified regional bodies and a handful of commandos charitably donated by the more socialist-leaning western European countries.

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If he cuts back on Traffic Authority funding, he WILL regret it.

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Given his wife's memoirs, that's a distinct possibility.

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Oh man I need a name!

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The Club For Growth characterizes subsidy cutting as "de facto tax increases", so Republicans are pretty insulated from this sort of thing. Since the MSM is not really interested in such "dirty" tactics as keeping conservative candidates consistent on these issues, it doesn't really do much good to keep hammering on this supposed flaw.