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No. Mine is better. (Don't stab me!)

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I would like to know who. I'm thinking of one person that maybe the eds were anti, but I thought she was a hilarious commenter and a great part of the site. Then I can think of a couple other maybes who fall into that category. I wonder if they didn't want folks creating more witty interesting content than they did? Sorry to dwell, but I'm always interested in content and editorial decisions and wondering if that was part of this...

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I got it, yes. I thought it was nice that they did it. :)

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My account seems to have disappeared as well. :(

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Thanks for this. It puts the situation in context, especially concerning Gizmodo.

I've been annoyed by the editorial direction of Gawker itself since Gabriel Snyder left, and what's ironic about that is that I didn't even like Gabe! I thought he was watering down the intelligent snark of the writers (which I'd loved prior to his tenure), and yet, he did manage to keep me reading...

Now days, I don't know what the fuck is up with the editorial vision. Is there one? Doesn't seem like it. Interesting to read about the same lack of vision at Giz.

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I cannot wait to try this!

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Hooray, I'm here! (Ahem, of course my Gawker account still isn't working, but one out of two is better than nothing.)