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Xenophobes drown, the rest of us literally take to the sea!

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Jackie Kay's collection of short stories!

On Beauty by Zadie Smith contains a lot of what's been discussed at The Toast. The multiplicity of Black Womanhood. Academia. Creepy middle-aged dudes. Sexual harassment. Basically anything by her, really. She's so good and I'm excited about her new novel (one good thing to look forward to...)

White is For Witching and Mr. Fox both by Helen Oyeyemi. The former is a queer horror story about an angry house with some quirky-yet-endearing characters, weaving (with varying levels of success by the author) their very real experiences of eating disorders, transracial adoption, xenophobia & racism into the narrative (though be warned, it is unfortunately tragic; have heard Oyeyemi fares better in this regard in her latest offering). It's actually not my fave and I disliked it strongly when I first read it, but that doesn't make it an un-Toast book; it's definitely interesting and I really hope it has inspired other readers and writers to respond.

I'm much more straightforward in my enthusiasm about Mr. Fox--what if a muse could talk back to a misogynistic middle-aged author and beat him at his game of storytelling?

Anything by Ali Smith. Girl Meets Boy is short, sweet, very Toast. How To Be Both plays with gender in a way which is almost there (features a transmasculine narrator), but contains tropified sex workers. Always, always her fresh prose, a light voice, but she goes so deep. Smith consistently explores different facets of grief, of missing people. Apt, I think.

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Good luck! I loathe how some companies are like 'ehhhh i guess we'll let u know.... whenever? i guess???' urgh

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Seasoned seaweed! they can be spicy and/or lightly battered. Also koh kae peanuts.

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I heard about the attack on Jo Cox yesterday afternoon. Then I went to the supermarket with my partner, and we encountered this red-faced middle-aged posh white dude in a badly fitting suit roaring angrily at a covered Muslim woman.

These are the things he said [TW for Islamophobia and violent ideation, this dude was literally like a Twitter egg hatched a Daily Mail reader]:

- That she was ‘of Satan’ and should be ‘stabbed to death’
- ‘They [viz. immigrants] come over here on asylum and have abortions on the NHS and think they're God.'
- When my boyfriend intervened, he mocked his (equally posh) accent, and called him a ‘sensitive liberal homosexual,’ as if that were a bad thing.

Other people around him were saying that she started it and was rude. By the angrybabyman’s own account, all she did was jostle him and give him a dirty look. Somehow that deserves screaming death threats.

Then I got home and read that Jo Cox had died of her injuries, and I couldn’t take it. I've been sad all week with every piece of news about the killings at Orlando. It drove home that 1) there is nowhere for people like me 2) I was reminded that Daily Mail readers are real people who buy milk and eggs at Sainsbury’s like the rest of us. I never want to hear a British person smugly talking about how Americans are violent and loud ever again, because it's not true, and it's people like me (us!) who suffer either way.

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Hello Toasties. I miss you all. Right, let's get to it: imagine the Gap Yah dude as a ~young bohemian artist~. Okay. Good. So, Please join me in misandrist crowing at this artist, who is approximately my age and has already climbed the particular summit of his mountain:

*The below paragraph will contain general grossness, specifically vomit!*

One trip which comes to mind was to the Gobi desert in the winter. I was staying with a family of Mongolians who clearly disliked me, and I came down with violent food poisoning after eating the offal of a goat they slaughtered inside the yurt before my very eyes. Later on, as I crawled out into the freezing tundra in my long-johns to go throw up, some stray dogs emerged from the blackness and approached my retching form. I thought they were going to attack me, but instead they began eating my vomit as I produced it, which was somehow much worse, lapping at the ground and licking my face until I finished.

Though that does admittedly sound horrible, I have a keen sense of the humour and the beauty in things which otherwise seem only awful and grotesque, and I think this outlook can be seen in my pictures.

There's... just such a lot in there.

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Thank you so much for this. It really hit me, because I am perceived as an Asian woman a lot of the time. Also I am fucking aghast that someone actually created that nasty little cartoon?!?/!?

The worst that's said of a white person dating interracially is that they couldn't get another white partner--as always, it's more about denigrating the partner of colour. They're perverts with low standards, but we're THE WORST self-hating race traitor temptresses, or something???

There are little, I guess, adjustments I do, knowing that I'm going out with a white dude--double-checking that I don't overly praise certain physical features, carefully considering how I negatively/positively talk about Thai culture, ensuring I support creators of colour, how often I cook Thai food, how well I can teach myself more Thai words, wondering what on earth my gender identity is in Thai vs Western terms. And I'd like to pretend it's about self-affirmation but some of it is also performative--and then I feel I'm completely fake. It gets to you, the surveillance, the scrutiny.

My children will likely be mixed heritage, and that is its own thing in Thai culture (gonna have to put up with a lot of 'your child is cute solely because of whiteness' which will be an impressive conclusion to reach, considering my own looks). I have no experience of being multiracial, so I shall be careful to keep an open mind, and I am glad that I'm able to read other Asian people's experiences.

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this whole endealment I understand and am sad about

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