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Copying and pasting your analysis of her to my sister in law - you're exactly right!!!

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Well, what's irritating is when they arrived at the sister's house, they asked casually, "so what are your plans for the living room if you ever redecorate?" And sister replied, "well it doesn't get much light so I want to paint the walls white, keep the fireplace wooden, get some bright curtains and just keep everything else the way it is". So, they painted the walls mid-grey, painted the fireplace wood white, got beige curtains and changed the furniture.

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Carol Smilie!! Handy Andy and all.

Sister lives in Exeter, and if you see my reply to Emily, I describe her reaction to the redecoration in a bit more detail... Things are a bit touchy between them now so don't want to ask her to get involved, but I think MrSmee pre-managing her might be the way to go. I hope.

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Haha! This is a good idea and I will make him say such a thing. He is up to the task so that's good anyway...

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Yes my plan is to have the world's longest to-do list! And also to have MrSmee double check there will be no surprises. Sister-in-law pretended huge gratefulness when she came back from holiday and then a week later phoned her mum to confess that actually, she really wished she had been consulted first, and mother-in-law LOST IT and had a rant about being ungrateful etc.

There's a battle we have each time she visits anyway, where she arrives with unsuitable baby clothes as a present - the baby has been diagnosed with talipes (club foot) and while the treatment (which is great these days) is ongoing, can't wear clothes with feet. So, guess what clothes she brings? She literally handed me a pair of leggings (there's a period of treatment where the legs are in plaster casts so can't use those either) and said, "I know you can't use these but they were really cute so I got them". And they are cute. But... My baby won't be able to wear them!

Thanks for the advice and also thanks everyone else who has confirmed bonkers behaviour. I feel like it'll be alright as they're coming mainly for the garden, and it is such a mess out there that even if they go mad and install some kind of rockery or something, it will still, probably, be better than the current mud pit?!?

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Toasties, give me strength for this coming weekend, where my mother-in-law and her boyfriend are coming to stay with us in our house. They are coming to help with DIY (some re-wiring, painting, furniture making and lots of gardening), which as our baby is due in less than three weeks, is very, very helpful and I am very, very grateful.

However, let me explain my anxiety... on the Sunday, MrSmee and I have childbirth classes all day long and his mum and her boyfriend will continue working on the garden etc. while we're out. Lovely! But, last time they were alone in a house (MrSmee's sister's house), they redecorated the entire living room and bought new furniture as a SURPRISE. We were on holiday with MrSmee's sister, and her mum was staying at the sister's house looking after niece and nephew and that's when they redecorated. As. A. Surprise. Painted the walls, ceiling, skirting boards, fireplace wood surround and got new curtains, lampshade, armchair and pouffe. Again - as a COMPLETE SURPRISE.

Am I the only one who thinks this is bonkers. Is this bonkers??

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You are right! Am sure dead pissy mouse is worse than labour - will update in c. 4 weeks.

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I was watching Line of Duty last night alone at home (Mr Smee is on a work trip in Helsinki) when the mousetrap went off, cotching and deading a mouse, making me jump during a tense moment. I am 36 weeks pregnant and have the sensitive smells thing going on, plus squatting is not the easiest thing right now. So I had to deal with a dead mouse that stank of piss, and because I put approximately 50 plastic bags on my hands before squatting to scoop it up, it kept slipping out of my grasp and I had to squat for minutes, whilst sniffing dead mouse wee. It was terrible and I'd just like someone to internet hug me.

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Well I was only 16 (over half my lifetime ago now) and hadn't had a huge amount of experience with racism so far in my life so even though I denied it AND The Other Chinese Girl confessed it had actually been her - they still gave ME the written warning and refused to switch it around? Perhaps to save their racist faces. I don't think I even told anyone else what had happened because I was so confused/stunned. If someone did that to me now it would be a different story but sadly that has come after a lifetime of microaggressions etc.

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The job where I got called in for a meeting to be given a written warning for not attending to the queue of customers and instead, 'horsing about', and I was incredibly confused, and then it turned out that the person who had been 'horsing about' had in fact been The Other Chinese Girl.