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Heh. Inix, fat!?!?! Sunny might be a bit chubby, but she's still cute and attractive, and Inix is just soooo sexy, especially her tail. Sooo wanna just bat-bat-bat at that fur-tipped tail or her's. Anyhow, both of them are yummy, and I'd nibble away at them like they were sugar cookies, any day. <3

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That was my same feeling. Poor Seven. >_<

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Actually, so have I. Had a friend on the command I was assigned, who was very very very handy with the ladies. Almost every night, he was out with a different one. When asked if he used protection, he replied nearly to that same saying. Then I pointed out, that IF, he caught something, and passed on to one of his bed partners, who passed it on to the next partner and so on, then I caught that thing, and could trace it back, then I was going to strap his butt to a chair, hook him up to an IV and Morphine dispenser, then cut his genitals off, and suture the wound up, making sure he wasn't going to die, then I was going to force him to eat his own junk. After that conversation, he started using condoms, so I was happy. :)

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Oh Deary! O.O;;; Now I keep imagining each of those poor little lizards being used in a D.Winger fashion.

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Either that, or grind them up and use them as coffee additives. Hmm... wonder what lizard flavored coffee would taste like. O.o??

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Most people buying condoms at the convenience store, are usually drunk anyways, so what does it matter. :P And yeah, I totally agree. "It's basically telling the cashier: yeah, I'm getting some." Heck, most male cashiers would probably fist-bump ya. :D

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*cues up the Yakety Sax* ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg )

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Naw. Stepsister was just a b*tch and her hubby, a money grubbing PoC. They just used her mother's fear of the occult n' whatnot, to remove me and my brother from her mom's house, to pave the way for them to slide in and setup their claims for her estate, after she would eventually pass.

Stepsis, always hated me and my bro. She tried to kill us, repeatedly, and even had some of her friends from high school, try to drown me in the swimming pool. Father kicked the snot out of those kids, before fishing me out of the pool and reviving me.

Stepsis was eventually, institutionalized. Unfortunately, she cried and played on her mom's sympathies enough to get out of the nut-ward, but she was far from cured. She's still a 2-faced, backstabbing person. Was many years after the nut-ward, that she got married, then her and her hubby, decided to remove me and my bro, as possible obstacles to any inheritance. She didn't want any chance, that it would be split, between herself and us, so they poisoned her mom's mind, with lies about how we were Satanists and Occult members, how we were violent and just waiting to kill her in her sleep, etc.

In the end, it wasn't us, that she really had to worry about. Her mom never planned to leave us anything anyways, cause we weren't her biological children. She did however, leave 1/2 of her estate to her youngest son from her prior marriage. Course, he'd committed suicide when she died, but his wife and kids are continuing to sue our stepsister, to this day.

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I have a plushy Tiger, named Katlynn and a plushy Raccoon, named Teeki, that I talk to.

And I used to have a Black Widow Spider that lived under my sink in the bathroom of a house I lived in many years back. Every time I'd sit on the commode, I'd chat with the spider. Course, now I have a 6 month old puppeh, that I talk to. The puppeh is a lot more active chatter than the spider was. Spider never said anything, at least that I could hear. Puppeh yaps back at me all the time, and gives me licks n' cuddles.

Hmm... spider cuddles. That would have probably ended badly, especially with a black widow. Spiders don't have much of a chance around the puppeh though. She's rather sadistic towards bugs. She pulls off their wings, legs and eyes, then lays on her side with her head on the floor so she's as close as possible to the bug, then watches it squirm around for several minutes before finally eating it.

Back when I was a teen though, I kept a skull that I named Harken, on my desk. I'd hello and goodnight to it, everyday, and sometimes would chat with it and ask it's opinions. But alas, poor Harken went away. At one point, my stepsister and her hubby, convinced my surrogate mother (Her mom), that I was all into Satan worship and the Occult, so the 3 of them, took all my belongings, except for school related, and clothes, and destroyed them.

Hehe. Puppeh is chatting with me, right now. We go for a 5 mile walk, every morning, at 6am. It's only 5:26, right now, but she's anxious to be off and about on her walk, so she's laying her head on my thigh and making various noises, as if to say, "Go? Can we go, now? Now? Please?"

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Was an earthquake while I was in San Diego. I'd partied hard, the night before and woke up to the bed, room, etc, shaking. I looking around and thought, "Oh Meh Gawd! I'm still drunk!". Rolled over and went back to sleep. Later, friends asked me if I felt the quake and I was all confused. Told them, I didn't realize it was a quake, I just figured I was still drunk from the night before.

As for humor to relieve stress. It works for a lot of people, but there's plenty that just don't seem wired that way. Humor, has always been a stress relief for me, though. Something that's bit me in the butt, a few times with doctors, and others, as they just figure I'm less injured than I am, thinking that If I was able to joke and laugh, then I must be okay. I've been kicked out of every Post-Op that I've been in, for making the other patients laugh.