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Dawkins regrets coining the term "the selfish gene" since too many assume that it refers to a gene for selfish behaviour when in fact a better name would perhaps have been "the Successful Gene" as the point is that genes get passed on when they are good at being passed on and all the organism's innate traits are evolved with that purpose - whether they be faulty (and do not reproduce or survive) or win the next round.
The biological basis of altruism - genetic basis - is known to come from an evolved strategy to help other bodies that are likely to carry the same genes as the helper/altruist. The trait of being altruistic is necessary for socialism and indeed for civilisation. The less genetic diversity in society the more it helps the gene for altruism to spread as it means the odds are high the altruist is helping more altruist genes get through to the next generation. When you introduce genetic diversity the altruist behaviour ends up ensuring that the non-coperative recipient of the generosity will win by exploiting the less related altruist. So this way the genetic trait of altruism is lost in the population and replaced with selfishness. Yes it is a "racist" fact unfortunately but if you want altruism and socialism then you have to accept the lesson from this. See Hamilton's equation for the conditions for maintaining the trait of altruism in a population.

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Betraying your racial kinsfolk is not a game and is not a strategy. It is treachery and nothing less.

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A wolf looks scary to the sheep. Clive looks good to me. Quite like a fierce Viking warrior. The kind of person all the wimps and liberals would hide behind when the going gets tough.

Don't criticise the man for his appearance. It looks like the low tactic of trying to damage confidence.

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Why? What are you doing?!

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Except the country had long since been betrayed before the Chinook crash. Too many people in high posts say nothing, but perhaps they had to be removed for not actively taking part in further betrayal.

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"Apparently living off the grid, off the land and without government assistance is now a crime that can land you in jail and cause you to lose your home. "

In the US the government is moving to make it illegal to be self-sufficient. But really they should encourage self sufficiency as it should reduce the carbon footprint as they say they want us to!

Where America leads, Britain follows.

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The Nazis would have wanted a White Europe while instead it is now run by Zionists who have decreed no more Whites should ideally be born.

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If your ancestors knew you only had two children they would already feel failed and that the nation was in serious peril if others follow suit. Little would they know that 2 kids is considered a big family today.

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The LLCon are Zionists - their promotion of Islam is only as far as it furthers their Zionist plan to destroy the White race.