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Although I think T-Paw is good on some issues but he has made two HUGE mistakes that, to my mind, disqualify from attaining the nomination.

1. The unforgivable sin of supporting Cap-n-Trade although his mea culpa may be heartfelt and sincere the fact that he ever supported and endorsed such a scam leaves serious questions about his judgment!!!

2. His support for Shariah Finance law in his state is another one of those judgment calls that I can't let go of... I'm just not sure Tim Pawlently can make the right decisions when it comes to the major issues of our day!

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Nicely done Sarah...

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Yes by all means let's once again let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

This is the problem... people now have this unrealistic requirement that a presidential candidates have a prepared answer for any possible question and a position on every issue? It's nonsense and it's designed to rig the game in advance to ensure that only career politicians can ever become president!

First, on Afghanistan your 100% wrong...period! Any politician that tells you at this point he or she has a plan is lying to you and the American People. There's absolutely no way anyone outside the White House and the top echelons of the DoD could possible know enough about the situation operationally to formulate a plan. What you seem to be looking for are the candidates to play political pundits but this doesn't work -- example Barack Obama; "I will close Gitmo." Then, when he became President, reality set in, so the crafted campaign message became a "flip-flop."

On point 2 "Right of Return" your contention that RoR is somehow a litmus test to becoming president is laughable. I'm willing to bet maybe 2 of the current candidates know the nuances of the Right of Return and most would have gave some half-assed diatribe that wouldn't have made any sense or even answered the question. and since Israels stated opinion on the matter has been "it's non-negotiable" (even though everything seems to be on the table with a little unwarranted force by US presidents) the matter shouldn't be at the forefront of the debate. Even still not knowing the all nuances of the question asked Herman Cain's answer was the right one!

I don't understand the willingness to dismiss a candidate so early in the process because of a fumbled answer that caught him off-guard -- this is the beginning of the process when you're supposed to make mistakes and find your footing not 3 weeks before the primary! If those are the rules then they all lose and should be tossed out on their ass!

Again, I didn't see you advocate for a candidate or offer an alternative... I know one thing though he/she better be perfect because I will be watching very closely!!!

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This would seem to assume that these killers weren't motivated by anything else which is just plain hogwash.

I cannot even count the amount of times that I personally have come face to face with detainees, who told me they were primarily motivated to do what they did, because of hearing that we committed torture.

This is something we always hear from so-called unnamed expert sources and I never buy it.

These are the types of statements bleeding heart reporters use to sway opinion all the time

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Doug, you're just a h8tr who obviously hasn't thoroughly researched the facts... if you had been listening and reading the right radio shows and books you'd know that the federal government, the Illuminati, the reptilian elite 13 families , and Walmart are out to get you - turn you into a slave and brand you with the mark of the beast!

I pity you and the fact that you're so under informed.... I have to go now black helicopters are circling above...

Oh and stop making fun of old people who think chain emails are gifts from god!

Peace out -- sucker!

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Great job Street!

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Your right Street, not sure what I was thinking he is, of course, entitled!

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Agreed, We have to show our leadership that we'll back their play if they stand strong!

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How about commenting on something a bit more recent and stop the trollish behavior?

Or better still don't go away mad... just go away!