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I'm not sure how, from this post, you came to the conclusion that I was calling you dumb. Perhaps from another post?

Anyway, faith is a belief held through lack of evidence. I suppose your separation of faith and blind faith would be lack of evidence and no evidence? Either way, if there isn't enough evidence to support a belief, than it's not warranted to hold it. Saying it takes faith is just silly. That's another way of saying you really want to believe something, despite not having a good reason to. In other words, an excuse to indulge your desire. If your reason can't overcome your desires, don't cry to me about that and call me a hypocrite.

As for my arguments being incapable of convincing you or anyone else who has forsaken their reason, well yeah, no shit. As Thomas Paine said, "to argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead."

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Thank you. I coded it myself, sorta. I don't profess to know what I was doing. I simply reversed engineered other sites and copy/pasted bits. Some things got messed up over time through WP updates. At the time there weren't any 3 column sites. Now there are, along with lots of interesting functions which clearly I don't have nor understand how to incorporate. I'm not a web coder by any stretch of the imagination.

Were I to return to this blog more regularly, I'd probably switch to a premade design. There are also some affordable people out there who'll customize a theme for you.

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It's like when you're 7 and see Star Wars and pretend you're Luke blowing up the Death Star and later, say high school, wonder why would someone design a Death Star with such an obvious flaw like an exhaust port that could be used to blow the whole thing up with one shot?

The saddest is seeing grown men not only try and justify that, but justify the Star Wars prequels. Pathetic. Never underestimate the lengths people will take to rationalize their indulgences.

Perhaps the Pope should do like Lucas and just sell the franchise to Disney. When you start editing out donkeys from the Nativity, you're no better than Lucas monkeying with the original Star Wars. Just let it go and leave it to people who can better manage the franchise.

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They usually are, especially when it comes to things like religion. The person you were arguing with didn't become a believer because of the argument they were sharing with you. At best, that argument serves as a great justification for them to indulge in the belief. We all know that the argument that tells us it's ok to do that thing we really want to do doesn't have to be very good. :)

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Just try reloading

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Recent comment that likely will get deleted at Nick's blog...

(Let's see if this appears)

My name is on the infamous blog Nick keeps referring to, so the accusation that I'm not showing backbone and hiding behind an anonymous tag is demonstrably false.

What he actually was trying to do was see what contributions to CG I've made, as if that was relevant to the discussion. It wasn't, and still isn't. Nick was uncomfortable with my questions, so he needed to an excuse to delete me.

I'm assuming this won't appear, but you'll see it, Nick. Oh, and anyone going to my blog will see it as well. :)

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It'll still exist, but be just a marginalized indulgence. That's my guess.

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In my experience, artists are susceptible to self indulgence, especially woo. The creative process is a fickle, mysterious thing. Sometimes an artist needs to believe his creativity is coming from some magical place, and that he/she must protect and maintain the flow of that magic. I wouldn't be surprised if that has something to do with it here, so subsequently atheist objections are threats to the flow of his creativity.

Ultimately yes, it's insecurity. An indulger who doesn't give a shit what others say or do is secure and comfortable with himself and his indulgences.

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Another Christian expressing IGNORANCE and none of that so-called "Christian love". (Yawn)

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Well if you didn't have the blood on your door, then you weren't innocent, were you? God said that's what had to be done so if you didn't do it, then you got what's coming to you. That's how the story goes. Sort of like Abraham and Isaac, only that one ended a bit better with just a severely traumatized kid, probably. You do what he says or else.