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OMG. OH MY GOD. This is my hometown. Literally. The town I grew up in. The town I spent like 18 years of my life in. I HAVE BEEN TO THIS WENDY'S SO MANY TIMES.

Never saw anyone in a mobility scooter "causing problems" though.

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Gas pump advertisements are the worst. As are digital advertisements in malls. Also:
-The things people in Chicago wear to work. Depressing.
-"Awkward Family Photos," the fledgling TV series.
-Broadway musicals adapted from movies. I SAW THE ADDAMS FAMILY, IT WAS AWFUL.
-The unapologetic cheapness of rich people. My boss' wife once asked for 50 cents back from a cab driver.
-The concept of scent marketing.
-Experiencing the natural light of the sun twice a day, for a total of 20 minutes, walking to and from the train.
-"Rebooting" "franchises."
-The experience of actually being inside an Urban Outfitters.