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I didn't watch the SOTU for medical reasons (my blood pressure spikes at the sound of Obama's voice). I'm not in the least bit surprised that he had no class at all in regards to losing the majority.

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We need to start some sort of online campaign to send apology cards to Prime Minister Netanyahu:

"We're really sorry that enough people voted for this idiot twice."

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No. No. Planned Parenthood, you are not allowed to ruin s'mores for me! I refuse!

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We'd spend less time "dissing" Obama and Reid if they'd actually follow the will of the people, not their own agendas. Also if they'd do their jobs, particularly our Golfer-in-Chief.

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I keep wondering when that will become our national anthem. It doesn't seem like it will be too far off now.

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I want to first give a "shame on you" to the parents that agreed to this BS. Can you say "obvious setup"?

Second, there are so many holes in how the reporting is done that I want to just scream but here are my top issues:

We don't know what gun safety lessons the parents personally gave their kids. The implication is that the kids are taught using just that video and the parents are like "Okay, they know what to do". If there was any reporting done from that angle, very likely it was left on the cutting room floor because at least some of those parent-provided lessons were quite extensive.
Look at how many kids were in the gun safety video and the class with the officer. Quite a lot of them, right? If the problem with the gun safety training idea is that kids won't listen, why are they only showing one pair of kids? Where's the rest of the footage? Why is half of the report dedicated to this one pair while the rest of the class is ignored? Did the rest not give the results ABC was looking for?
In conjunction with the above bullet point, why is it shocking that some kids' curiosity overcomes authority figure instructions? Assuming that the reason the rest of the class isn't shown because they actually listened to directions, there's going to be a small percentile that don't listen. Fortunately, the gun was unloaded and "safe" judging by the fact that there was no magazine in that pistol from what I saw. (Can't be a hundred percent sure without pulling back the slide to look.) Yes, if this were a real situation and the gun was loaded, we'd have a potential tragedy on our hands. But notice that the rest of the class (going with the same assumption that they aren't shown because they did as they'd been taught) would be safe. That is something to cheer for that reduces the risk of such tragedies.

Ever since I was in elementary school, Dad taught me to always, always, always assume a weapon is loaded until it's been cleared and to alert an authority figure right away if I found an unattended weapon. He even showed me how to clear the weapon myself when I got older. He drilled into my head what to do and had me go over it with him until I could practically recite it in my sleep. Hell, we went to the gun range in December, and I automatically kept my finger outside the trigger guard until I was ready to fire even when the gun wasn't loaded. Didn't even think about it. It was reflex, and it took Dad pointing it out and praising me to even know I was doing it. (It's been two or three years since the last time we had a session at the gun range or even really handled the weapons.)

The kind of comprehensive training Dad gave me was effective and formed a lifelong pattern of healthy respect for what a gun can do in someone's hands and to protect myself and others around me should I come across a weapon like ABC's setup. That is the kind of gun training I would want my kids (if I ever had any) to learn, and it's insulting and misleading of this news report to imply that the effort would be pointless.

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I noticed something interesting with this exchange:

Dear Leader never even acknowledges Mr. O'Reilly's comment.

Hell, if you simply cut out Mr. O'Reilly's statement that those are Obama's own words, there is literally nothing different about what Obama's saying. We're not missing any context clues at all. The BS still makes logical sense in terms of grammar and simple English: no meaning to Obama's words is lost.

It's like he actually practiced a speech (for once) and went ahead with his script rather than taking a moment to acknowledge Mr. O'Reilly's implied question.

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Come on. Those have to be coincidences. A liberal in power would never use political agencies to harass and bully conservatives in an attempt to shut them up.

...Suddenly, I need to take a long shower after typing that BS. Ugh.

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Damn. You beat me to it!

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That complaint box is going to be emptier than Obama's resume.