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In the West Wing (only aware of this because am in the middle of watching it for the first time), he does at various points have black characters bring up the futility of thinking of black voters as a block/criticizing the white characters for talking about Black Issues as the only things black voters care about, so he doesn't always miss the mark. (Not that Sorkin isn't a clueless dweeboid, I think he often is, but it's interesting to see him miss the mark in addition to the occasional flashes of insight.)

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I once read a story in college from a sloth researcher who apparently did something to provoke a sloth accidentally. They can apparently move quickly when motivated to do so. One scampered down a branch, bit him, and scampered off.

He said the worst part is that he couldn't ever tell anyone how he'd gotten the injury because no one would believe him.

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Oh, interesting! I also have acne-prone skin; hopefully the biotin doesn't do anything awful. My skin has gotten much worse on the Mirena, which is frustrating.

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From what I've seen online, the hair loss stops and reverses when the thing is removed. I like being not-pregnant for now (and am worried about the implant since I'm overweight now), so I'm cranking up the biotin.

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Hair wizard! For me I was in that boat for probably a year? It's been two years now and it is noticeably thinner at this point. (Biotin is supposed to help, though—apparently it reverses once the Mirena's out.)

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I LOVED the implant. The Mirena is currently making my hair fall out. I'm sorry the doctors rushed you into a decision.

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If that is the sort of thing you are into, then I'd suggest Leon's in Decatur, and Kimball House (also in Decatur). Also SOS (next to Victory), which is supposed to be a good mixology-y tiki bar, and Brickstore (a very well-regarded beer bar). Those are all within walking distance of each other. In general, I recommend Decatur.

If you're looking for the grown 'n sexy variant of the same, you want the Westside/West Midtown. Westside has a Bladerunner themed bar, if that is of interest.

In terms of dive bars (my scene): The Euclid Avenue Yacht Club, The Local, The Clairmont (an Atlanta institution).

Dad's Garage is great improv and has a lovely new building, and that building is next to Church (the bar), which is worth a stop-in because of the truly bonkers folk art on its walls.

High Museum for art, Carlos museum for mummies.

Your DeKalb Farmers Market if you like giant overwhelming fun grocery stores. Walk the Beltline, make a pit stop at Ladybird (also fancy drinks), enjoy the Beltline art.

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I think part of it is that inflammation in the gums can lead to inflammation in other parts of the body, including the heart? Which is... bad? I think?

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He is SO 19 years old, it is great. Like a friendly short-sighted puppy.

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My mother died of cancer, in our home. The paid, professional in-home caregivers who helped with her hospice care were a fucking godsend. Nursing is hard, skilled work and involves hurting someone you love in a way that they (if they are coked out on morphine and you need to help them clear their lungs) cannot always understand is helping.

If financially feasible, qualified in-home health help, particularly for the end of an illness, can make a truly, truly shitty process slightly less horrible.