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Oh my goodness, hysterical. This is like something I would do [film, I mean. Not sleep.]

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Though my asthma cough is nothing like a CF cough, I'm with Ronnie :]. My cough is persistent whether I feel great or feel not great [and worse when I feel not great]. I tend to do what I feel like, and if I know somebody notices my cough [or want to make sure they don't ask me questions or get concerned] I briefly say "This is my normal cough because of my asthma, and I'm not going to make you sick".

Do what you love, and deal with the rest as it comes :]. Enjoy getting back to dance class!

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LOVE It. The song comes out after my last exam of this third-term exam season -- will be a nice treat :]. Will it be released in Canada on iTunes? [I hope so!!]

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Good luck with this, Epic Steve! Keep me posted, dude.


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Oh goodness, I love this kitty.

[I need to come visit so I can meet this silly guy ;). And that other silly guy named Steve. :P]

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thanks for the plug, Mr. Lovely!

I'm sad I can't make it to the SARP chat on Monday, it starts at 5 PM Central and I don't get off work till 5! Booooo!!

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I've seen that video before. The intense music in respiratory videos always cracks me up.

I have this crazy feeling you're never gonna fully retire from anything. EVER. ;-) That last line made me smile.

Now I'm off to imagine you sitting on a beach [read: play guitar]. That's what retired people do, right? Sit on the beach? [Yeah right.]

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Hello, marathons of course! This IS the Canadian Cheerleader you're talkin' to.
Miss Lizzy calls 'em MERRYthons for a reason, y'know! :)


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New project for the fan club? Get Steve into Guinness?

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Happy you are HOME Epic Steve! <3

I think you should write to Guinness and get yourself in the record books. Or Ripley's. Now . . . keep yourself outta their company for a good long while.

PS. I'd better start doing artwork in higher quality in Photoshop instead of Paint, I keep forgetting that you share it with the masses ;).