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Like you said, it depends on the type of meter they use. Most meters read in \"Liters per minute\". If your good reading is 2.0 and your bad reading is 1.5 then your yellow zone is probably 1.5 . Your red zone would probably be around 1.25

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Hi,Thank you for visiting my site again. Sorry to hear that you have asthma . Im happy to hear that you are able to receive good medicine for it. What is the name of asthma medication? Inhaler?
Ive never been to Poland, but I hope to see that part of the world someday. Btw, you\'re English is very good! (I only speak English and a little Italiano.)
If you want , please feel free to join my Asthma Support group on Facebook. We have people with asthma from all over the world.
Take Care


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Thank you ! I love to travel to new places, but it\'s difficult with crazy lungs. I hope to go back to Europe next year.

Do you have asthma too?

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Thank You for the kind words! No this award is for ANYONE anywhere in the world who promotes awareness and educates others about this awful disease.

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If your breathing is as bad as you claim, you really need to be evaluated by a competent pulmonologist. Asthma Kills, don\'t mess around with and certainly don\'t exercise when you\'re in the middle of a flare. If your parents wont listen, seek help somewhere else. Talk to a counselor at School. Good luck!

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Ive never taken them for pain, Ive only used them for my breathing. To me , the side effects out weigh the benefits, so after being on them for 10 years, I weaned completely off. I still use nebulized dilaudid when I my breathing gets really bad.

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So sorry to hear that you were treated so poorly. This happens all the time and I hope you complain. It is rare that an O2 sat would be a 100% during a severe flare, but it is possible. O2 sat is usually the last thing to drop during an attack. It\'s also possible to have asthma and anxiety at the same time, One can cause the other. Do you have a resp consultant? You should have them write a letter on your behalf. You might consider joining my Facebook asthma group . Hope you feel better soon.

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It was so nice to finally get to meet you, I'm just sorry that you weren't feeling good on that day. I hope I wasn't responsible for you ending up in the hospital later that week ( I have that effect on people
I really enjoyed my trip to England and I hope to return next year. I hope that you will feel better soon.xxxx

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First of all, Thanks very much for your service to this country.Sorry to hear that your having a rough time with your health. A good friend of mine had BOOP, probably not as bad as yours, but he also has COPD and requires high flow O2. .In 2009 we did the Boston marathon together. We\'re both unable to run, so we walked it. Would you happen to know what your FEV1 is? I wish I could make some recommendations for you, but Im afraid my knowledge is limited to severe asthma. I do however know a lot of pulmonologists who specialize in all kinds of respiratory conditions. Please stay strong!

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Hi Daniel, Sorry to hear about your health problems. Are you a candidate for lung transplant ?