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This is an informative article. Please correct the spelling of Gamal Abdul Nasser's name.

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My book (a slim volume) is about the experiences of my father during the Genocide of Armenians. As a seven-year-old, he witnessed the killing of his sisters, baby brother, and mother. Amazon is selling it for $20.25 Canadian.

I'd love to see the Irish, the Welsh, and the Scots independent, without blackmail, pressure, negative repercussions from London.

Yes, the 1% which owns more than half of the world's wealth, will continue to pressure the middle class downwards to a peon, mujhik status. Long ago we condemned Latin American regimes for allowing a minority own the majority of the wealth. The Western world's "captains of the industry" now own a higher percentage of the wealth than the Latin American "elite" classes did back then.

The Nagorno-Karabakh War. It's not religious, ideological, racial, or about the economy.
As I wrote, two regions (N-K and Nakhichevan) of Armenia (90 percent of N.K) were arbitrarily and unjustly given to Azerbaijan by Stalin. In the '90s, following a four-year war, Armenians of N-K (with the help of Armenia,) won and N-K became an independent entity. Thanksto petrodollars and Turkish assistance, the Azeris want to take N-K. Armenians are fighting to retain N-K.

The mainstream media is hostile to Armenians because it's owned by the moneyed classes with links to Azerbaijan's energy industries. The mainstream media is hostile to Armenians because it fears Armenia explode the oil, natural gas pipelines. More than a century ago, the same petroleum industries were hostile to Armenians because we were not sheep...most of the union leaders at the oil fields were Armenian.

Armenians are calling the Turkbeijan attack "genocide". This is an exaggeration. While the animalistic behavior (cutting the head of captive Armenians) of the Azeri troops is repulsive what's happening is not genocide. If the Azeris/Turks succeed, they will occupy N-K. This could be the slow death of Armenia. We would become vassals of Turkey. But Armenians are determined they would win the war.

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I bow to your knowledge that Stalin didn't officially become a dictator until two years later. However, he dismissed the report of a committee headed by his foreign minister which recommended Nagorno-Karabakh (N-K) to be part of Armenia. At the time, 90 percent of N-K was Armenian. In my book, if a leadermakes an arbitrary decision which is also unjust and ignores his most senior officials' advice, he is a dictator. Walks like a duck talks like a duck...
I am puzzled by your failure to address the fact that N-K has been part of Armenia and inhabited by Armenians for more than two millennia, although sometimes occupied by foreign forces.
I am puzzled by your failure to address the 70 years of oppressive and anti-Armenian policies of Azerbaijan in N-K or Baku's attempts to change N-K demographics by settling Azeris in N-K. Thus, when N-K Armenians decided to re-join Armenia, they represented 76 percent of the population (a shrinkage of 14 percent. When Azerbaijan shouts about the number of internally displaced Azeris, Baku is counting these settlers as refugees. By the way, Stalin also gave Nakhichevan (another part of historic Armenia) to Azerbaijan. When the Soviet Union collapsed, there were exactly 26 Armenians left in Nakhichevan. Unable to tolerate Azerbaijan's anti-Armenian policies, they had moved to Armenia.
I appreciate that you are looking at the big picture...to how conditions outside the conflict area impinge. With that in mind, I'd like to advance the suggestion that the war was propelled by President Erdogan to link geographically wit Azerbaijan and have Turkish military presence on the Caspian Sea. It's the Turanic plan of having a contiguous Turkish cordon from Istanbul to the Chinese border. Whether successful or not, Turkey's strategy is to urge Muslims of central and northern Caucasus to rebel.

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The tiny sliver of land between Armenia and Artsakh is/was also part of Armenia.
Nakhichevan--as the name indicates (it means First Landing...of Noah's Ark) is also Armenian and was given by geographer/historian Stalin to the Turkic Azeris. When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was discovered that only 26 Armenians were left there. Armenians had left because of Azeri persecution. So much of Armenia has been grabbed by Turkey. Today's Armenia is 10 percent of historic Armenia. 90 percent is occupied by Turkey. Thus, Armenians face a difficult PR situation. If we say Eastern Turkey is Armenia...if we say Mt Ararat is Armenia's sacred mountain...if we say Artsakh/N-K is Armenian, third parties could accuse us of greed. Azerbaijan's second city--Ganja--is also Armenian. Ganja is a Turkish corruption of Zankag (bell in Armenian).

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Calling the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh "separatist" is inaccurate and biased. To claim Nagorno-Karabakh (N-K) is part of Azerbaijan is inaccurate and biased against the Armenians. I know some people are bored by history but if someone is genuinely interested in the conflict, knowledge of some history is necessary.
As early as the 6th century before Christ, N-K (Armenian name is Artsakh) was part of Armenia as testified by the ancient Greek historian Strabo and ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder (69 AD). Meanwhile, Azerbaijan was founded by the Soviet Russians in 1918. That is, it's younger than Coca-Cola.
So how come people keep saying N-K belongs to Azerbaijan?
In 1921 Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin gave N-K to Azerbaijan although it was part of Armenia and 90 percent of the population was Armenian. He did it to woo Turkey to the Soviet camp (Turkey is the elder brother of Azerbaijan). In the next 70 years, the Azeris mistreated the Armenians and settled Azeris in N-K to change the demographics. When the Soviet Union was collapsing and every Soviet republic declaring independence, the Armenians of N-K also declared their independence and desire to rejoin Armenia. Thus, N-K Armenians are the opposite of separatists. As a result of their declaration, they were attacked by Azerbaija. Armenia helped the N-K. Armenians. Azerbaijan lost. the war. Since then, Azeerbaijan has been threatening the Armenians and demanding N-K.
People who say N-K belongs to Azerbaijan are approving the arbitrary and unjust decision of thr notorious dictator and mass killer Stalin. So please no talk that N-K belongs to genocidal Azerbajan. Supoort N-K and the 3-million Armenia which are fighting 10-million Azerbaijan, 80 million Turkey plus terrorist mercenaries from Syria and Pakistani Islamists.

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If I am going to communicate with someone, the least I expect is that my correspondent be able express himself in an intelligible manner.
Your "sentences":
1."Not occupied...Conquered the Turks don't play with words!" What does it mean?
2. "you are wrong on the first like don't confuse Turks to Jews" What does it mean?
3. "...gallipoli fighting the french, Greek, and Australian Britten, Egyptian, NEW ZEALAND and Russia... Then Armenia stuck the KNIFE in the back!" What does it mean?
When you graduate from Grade 6, please write here again. You might be comprehensible then. Perhaps.
By the way, Armenia couldn't stick the knife into Turkey because there was no Armenia in 1915 or during the Gallipoli campaign. Armenia was established three years later. I guess reading Turkish "history" you are hamstrung in your knowledge.

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Of course Turkic doesn't mean the occupied Anatolian peninsula which belonged to the Greeks and the Armenians until the nomadic and barbarian Turkic marauders of Central Asia attacked the two settled and advanced civilizations. Armenians and Greeks know that the Turkic dream is to have a contiguous land mass (Pan-Turania) from occupied Constantinople to China. Sweet dreams.
Re your Armenian Revolt. The Ottoman Empire had an army of close to one million soldiers. It was armed by the latest German weaponry. It even had German officers as teachers and advisers. Armenian self-defense forces were somewhere around 7,000 to 8,000. They had primitive weapons and no infrastructure (communications, vehicles, health care, food, etc.). The fighters were civilians, peasants. But according to people like you, this rag-tag army of several thousand civilians killed zillions of Turkish soldiers. If you believe that, you're hopeless.
Armenians don't have to prove anything. The world has proven countless times what you did to the Armenians for five centuries, culminating in the Armenian Genocide 1915-1923.
By the way, if you say you killed Armenians because they were rebelling, why did you also commit genocide of Assyrians and the Pontic Greeks. Of course not.
Admit to yourself: Your immediate ancestors committed the genocide to make Turkey a racist homogenous country and to rob Armenians of their lands and property. But you didn't realize that Kurds, whom who call Mountain Turks, would make sure the Anatolia you had conquered by your bloody yataghan, would never become homogenous Turkic. Ha! Ha!

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turkicvoice is a provocation. A member of the nation which committed the genocide of Armenians (and ridiculously continues to denies its horrendous crime) is making light of protests in Armenia. I wonder how many Turks would have been killed by Erdogan goons had a similar protest taken place in Turkey. So far no one has been in killed in Armenia.