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I'm not surprised you don't remember the origin of the Time Lords, because AFAIK it has been "flexible" and retconned. They are woven on looms. No, they are born Galifreyans who are chosen to be the elite. Rassilon was a good guy who started the Time Lords and died thousands of years ago. Rassilon was a bad guy who shielded the Council from the Time War and tried to come to Earth.

Basically, we are talking about a very old race that it writing it's own history and has proven to be massively secretive and duplicitous. Who knows WHAT the actual origin of the Time Lords is.

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That was my big problem, bringing back Michael seemed to be the show saying see! SEE! Raf was the "right choice" ALL THE TIME. Michael was the right choice for Jane when she married him. He died. She grieved and moved on. That was great and realistic. Then the show had to make Jane not only move on, but also explicitly reject Michael. It was a huge misstep i my mind.

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For me the blacking out of the sex scenes, was creepy, but oddly realistic. Many years ago a library assistant in the area I lived in got fired because she went through the books in the library and carefully crossed out anything she thought was offensive. She had worked there for years, and not been caught, probably because patrons never thought a library employee would do something like that. People can be really intense about censoring things and Alba had access to all of Jane's printed material, so yeah, I see it 100%.

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Actually, the legal aspect is a little more nuanced than that. A spouse can not testify as to discussions or verbal admissions made by the other spouse, because those are considered confidential and the privilege lies with the spouse who made the statements. This is also true of conversations between priests (or certain persons in religious capacities), psychologists, doctors and lawyers. All are considered to be a conversation that someone has every right to consider private and non-disclosable. ACTIONS on the other hand are a different matter. A spouse can not be forced to testify against their spouse, but can choose to testify if they want to.

Just a little legal info.

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Although the show hasn't said, you can get fancy dresses at Thrift Stores, Consignment shops Goodwill, etc. Lots of people buy them for a special occasion then don't use them again. Consignment shops in particular can have decent clothes. You have to hit them on the right day, but fancy dresses can be bought that way, if you need to have fancy clothes for any reason.

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This is bolstered by the fact that jr svaq bhg gurer ner fgvyy Ubyl Tenvy, juvpu ,vs sbhaq, jbhyq or bs gerzraqbhf fvtavsvpnapr gb frireny Puevfgvna frpgf.

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A really great episode that lays a lot of groundwork for the future. Mr. Morden is a fantastic antagonist.