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Oh fuck me, I had completely blocked Gooey Gus from my memory due to terrified hatred (combined with having blocked the latter episodes of Ghostwriter, sorry Casey and Hector but you just didn't cut the mustard.)

Anything that wraps you in a cocoon was awful to me. I also used to have nightmares about those cotton candy cocoons from Killer Clowns from Outer Space, a film which as an adult isn't even remotely scary.

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The best thing I've ever eaten is too hard to pin down this morning, but I can tell you the best salad I've ever eaten (yes!) It's a steakhouse salad I get like once a week at a local restaurant, which is a healthy piece of sirloin grilled to order (so RARE AS BLOOD), your standard mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, crispy fried shallots, chopped up roasted asparagus when it's in season, ROASTED POTATOES (did you know you could put potatoes on a salad???) and a blue cheese horseradish vinaigrette which I think is basically a red wine vinaigrette with blue cheese and horseradish but it's prefect stuff. I have dreams about this salad.

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I mean, yes but also he was working with his father in law to gentrify the neighborhood, skyrocket rent prices, and take out a homeless tent city with no plan or inclination towards putting shelter space or any services in the neighborhood anywhere so that they could build a probably over-priced recording studio.

Like, yeah they should have paid their rent? But Benny was also a fucking dick.

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Not in the wilderness but this Concord Museum video has him positively lumberjacked

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Apparently they brought in Tracie Egan to launch Broadly. So. You can all do with that info what you will.

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I have watched that one and it's amazing and weird and Squints coaches the Squints pharmacy team. I don't remember Wendy being mentioned at all so I'm choosing to believe she really did run off to Malibu.

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Faith was Buffy's only decent love interest and that is upsetting.

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We Americans have many things, we even drink tea here!

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I like that he says, "She was clearly a great musician with a great ear." No duh, Cary, thank you for clarifying with your firsthand knowledge.

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I've always been curious to find out my Meyers-Briggs type/propensity for murder but I've never actually made it through one of the many internet tests I've started without saying, "Eh, fuck it." I also think I might murder a few more people if I were less lazy, so I guess the test really works!