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Chocolate temptation = yummy :P
Asteri & Kyla's purple are gorgeous! Plus I don't think anyone would think you were anything other then honest with your reviews ;)

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Suddenly I'm itching to dig out my boombox, bamboo earrings, shell toe Adidas and throw on some Run DMC and MC Lyte haha.
This is really cute though, I've been looking for a cover for my macbook pro too since my last pink one broke so I shall be paying these fine business people a visit.

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Goodness me Ban This looks great on you! I'm not down with the *rules* either, I'll wear a bold eye and bold lip any day :P

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Glad you liked them, still irks me I couldn't send the pigments with them grrr :)

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Well, hot mama, this looks gorgeous! LOVE the purple on the lower lash line ;)
Can't wait to see how your hair turns out

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I loves your swatches. You are going to LOVE Snow Bunny, it's one of my favorites from Fyrinnae. It's funny my latest Fyrinnae order looks almost identical to yours :P

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Awww, your expression in the last photo is too cute :P

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It actually is, I've enjoyed it so far. I'm going to get the rest in the series once I finish this one!

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The Zombie Stompers are pretty awesome, 99 dead balloons is my favorite design so far from Iron Fist :)

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I'll keep your gorgeous little baby and your family in my thoughts ;)
As for Fyrinnae...Princess of Darkness, Randy Ferret and Leshii??? Most definitely going to be in my next order!