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My grandparents had one when I was a kid. Later, after they'd passed, I inherited the house. I ditched it and just did the dishes the old fashioned way.

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I grew up close to this classic, the Commodore Schuylter Heim Bridge...

It's on Terminal Island, part of the Port of Long Beach, and is a frequent star of TV and movie chases. It's being replaced by a fixed span...eventually.

The other vertical lift bridge is the 1996 replacement of the original 1924 Henry Ford bascule bridge.

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That's because I-19 in Arizona is almost exclusively used by Mexicans and Canadians who don't share our mistrust of science.

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I really had to think about this one. The only show I've ever watched every episode of, as they were initially aired, was the 1978, one season, NBC comedy Quark.

Most of the time, I just lose interest before the last episode rolls around or I'm late to the show, missing the first episodes or seasons.

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There is. It also read dust.

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"Cheap suburban houses are not historical, some of them are barely a step up from cardboard boxes, and have required extensive modifications to make them livable."

That's exactly the misconception that the council is up against.

Yes, there are post-war homes that were cheaply and shoddily built at a time when both quality materials and tradesmen were in short supply. Yes, some of them are barely a step up from boxes and have required many upgrades to meet modern standards of comfort and safety.

BUT, there are also post-war homes that were built with care, that represent important architectural design trends of their eras and which need to be protected from unsympathetic remodeling or being scraped from the earth wholesale in order to make room for an equally shoddy McMansion.

There's a line between protecting everything, against the wishes and needs of the community, and allowing potentially important architectural history from being ruined in the name of "upgrades". It appears to me that the council is simply beginning to ask the question of where that line ought to be.

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I'd be willing to argue that we have that filter to a large extent already. It is, I believe, the reason we have a political system as divided as it is. When I can effectively filter out that which doesn't affirm what I already believe to be true, then "the other" ceases to have anything to say.

It used to be that when the other side of a topic talked, you could mentally tune them out, but every now and again, you'd get one of their salient points anyway. Even more rarely, those salient points changed your own view on a subject, which, in turn, allowed you to see an issue differently.

Now, when faced with an avalanche of horse shit from the other side, we turn them off entirely. Yes, we hear less horse shit, but we also miss the nuggets of wisdom and perspective amongst the horse shit.

By the way, when I say "other side", I'm really saying whoever is in opposition to your stated worldview. This problem affects everyone.

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Speaking of security cameras, there's these...

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Looks like the VFW 614, actually.

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There's a lot of interesting potential here, but brands should understand that there are some pretty restrictive rules that effect how and where alcoholic beverage products can be promoted. Smaller brands, especially, need to make sure they're not running afoul of these rules.