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BRIENNE OF TARTH APPRECIATION LIFE! I love Brienne. If you are on lj, I can point you to several other people who are huge fans of hers :D

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This is a fun enough episode (and man, it was SO great to see this team TARDIS back so many months after the finale) but I don't have much to say about it. Here's so fun stuff:

You won't get this if you don't read Kate Beaton/Hark! A Vagrant hehe. (source)



And I don't even really ship Rose/Doctor all that much, but people thought that “Would you do it? Would you do this? Think about it Doctor. One last day with your beloved, which day would you choose?”
exchange was a callback to 10 visiting Rose one last time, and that's kind of heartbreaking..


Kazran: Are you really a babysitter?
The Doctor: I think you’ll find I’m universally recognized as a mature and responsible adult.
Kazran: It’s just a lot of wavy lines.
The Doctor: Yeah. Shorted out. Finally, a lie too big.

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A million years later- MEMEMEMEMEEEE! I love Spongebob :)

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Haha you know your reactions to the surprises in the episodes are almost enough to convince me to never watch trailers again. The Series 5 trailer totally spoiled River's (and the Angels') reappearance and of course everyone was excited to see how it would all play out, but it's still nothing compared to your utter shock here.

I do love this two-parter and the preceding mediocre episodes make this one that much better. And that last line? Yeah, made of awesome. (Although it pissed a lot of people off that the Doctor was using a gun, but I think it's fine because he didn't use it to kill anyone.)

Other favorite things in this episode apart from what you mentioned: Amy Pond's glee of excitement at the prospect of exploring a different plant (it's a PLANET!) and her red sweater. It's my favorite piece of her wardrobe, IDEK why (probably my weakness for hoodies and unnecessarily wide clothing).

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Yeah this is definitely one of my least favorite episodes in Series 5 (probably in top 3 least fav, actually) but it's not really horrible, just kind of there. I just really wish the Dalek storyline would get dropped because I don't think I've enjoyed a Dalek episode since the finale of Series 1 but I get that they're such an iconic villain they have to stick around. Meh meh.

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This episode was my introduction to Doctor Who! Maybe that's why 11 is my doctor. Maybe that's why I love Series 5 to bits. Maybe that's why Amy is my favorite companion.


So excite!

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Late to the party, but I just wanted to share that "And Then There Were None" completely messed with my pre-teen self as well. IT TOTALLY WRINKLED MY BRAIN, as Troy Barnes would say.

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I don't know if you read comments on old posts, but-
I love the idea of a large number of characters interacting with each other, of the narrative being able to focus on separate people without ever returning to the first for a long while.
makes me think that you would enjoy "A Song of Ice and Fire". That series does an ensemble cast like no other, the number and complexity of characters is amazing. It's high fantasy though.

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I’m done whining about Katniss’s cluelessness. Now it’s just funny.

I'm glad you feel this way because IT NEVER STOPPED BOTHERING ME. Oh Katniss, plz be more genre savvy.

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After I fell in love with Series 5 of Doctor Who I decided to watch Series 1-4 but didn't want to watch all the episodes, so I asked friends for recommendations. The list of episodes I was told to watch did NOT include this two-parter, so I'm not surprised it isn't one of your favorites. Still, I'm thinking of watching all the ones I missed along with you (haven't been doing that so far, but THERE'S TIME).