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downthumbing the truth is a sign of weakness

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oh we go....yet another intellectual with his facts and critical thinking skills trying to overturn our big thesis that the liberals are trying to ruin our country via cultural propaganda.

Let me guess mr. eukodol. You probably read big books and pride yourself on KNOWLEDGE.

Go back to communist Russia or Nazi Germany or something, you big troll.

You're just sittin there with your cafe latte driving your volvo trying to make us all socialists. This makes me angry when not everyone agrees with me. I will act out in rage without trying to find some common ground.

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a lot of conservatives hate swearing, laughter, the mocking of authority, the mocking of religion, etc. South Park is a libertarian show and conservatives are not libertarian.

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Good usage of Columbia. Imma dream 'bout her while I grip my guns and bible in fear of what dem coastal elites are gonna do to my precious.

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trebek can i take religious idiocy for a $1000, oh wait, the daily double!?!?

marcd who thinks he sounds smart by using the phrase therein lay...meanwhile defending the idea that basic human rights are somehow given to us by a magic all-know man on a cloud.

Ummm, yes the rights come from non-divine institutions, you moron. It's not undemocratic...It's how the world works. Our works only have meaning because people believe in their legitimacy. Without collective acknowledgment of this legitimacy and implicit consent, the rules aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Here's where stuff is really messed up. Rational people acknowledge human rights because they seem to have universally accepted value. The devoutly religious do it because it came from an authority and they are simply being obedient-"They could not posssibly have any value unless they came from God." Lol are you joking?? Do you avoid sin out of fear of going to hell or because it's bad to sin? Some basic human rights are innate and cross-cultural...others are cultural yet still reliant on one thing (not that they came from God) but collective perception of legitimacy. In the old days when people were very dumb, the masses actually thought they came from God. Now that "God is Dead" we see them as universally right and what not, but we know God didn't actually come up with them...

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yeah but he could also point to the red states (especially in the south) which lead the nation in teen pregnancy rates, domestic abuse, obesity, diabetes, low intelligence, etc. mainly due to a christian theocratic fear based us versus them mentality

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I'll try to make this very simple then:
Libertarians don't give a f*** about personal attitudes. They'll say OK Mr. middle america, think whatever you want, live on a farm, go to church, refute science, fine. Set your own norms.

However norms are different than laws. Laws are binding. Laws are what social conservatives try to pass (at least the social conservatives I know). They try to pass laws that restrict individual freedom (laws on Censorship, Marriage, Scientific research, abortion, etc). They are no different from statists seeking to pass more seatbelt laws or anti-smoking indoors bills. They are no different from PETA people trying to prevent humans from experimenting on animals. Yes they have different opinions and attitudes but they still seek to control others by manipulating the govt.

Libertarians want to reverse this trend. They want the government to have LESS power. They want these different opinions to flourish and let individuals who think alike stick together. That's why we have the coasts for some people and the middle and the South for other types of people.

So once again, you're a statist seeking to use govt to push an agenda; or you're a libertarian that thinks individualism is inherently good and that restrictions on others should be kept to a minimum.

Socially liberal people are not the same as liberals in any sense of the word. "Socially liberal" means classically liberal. Socially liberal means the way you feel is that the state should have minimal control over society while conservatives on the other hand have a set morality, an ideal to strive for, a state-enforced Judeo-Christian based code of universal ethics (just like the real liberals who are for big govt and all that it entails). Social conservatism is an enemy to any freedom lover and its gradual demise among the more youthful generations is probably what motivates people like yourself to defend it so vehemently, despite not having a clue which side you're really on.

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you're contradicting yourself. Social conservatives want the state to make people 'responsible adults'. Libertarians want people to do it own their own. One is big government. One is small government. Learn your political ideologies. Then come back to the echo chamber with something new to contribute.

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so the way to prevent single motherhood is to ban abortion?

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this is not a conservative argument, it's a libertarian one.

Hint: Most conservatives are Christian wing-nuts that have fallen prey to a smarter minority that needs numbers to prevent a majority from stepping in and crushing them. the strategy is identify with them on social issues so long as they will then support generous bailouts, low taxes, and other 'pro-business' 'pro-wall st' measures...

Read: that book about Kansas..."what's the matter with kansas" or something like that